Eco Casinos are Very Popular in 2021


In 2019, Norwegians voted that the climate crisis was one of the top issues in the country.* As environmental concerns continue to rise, people find themselves searching for alternatives to their lifestyles. This may mean recycling more or even switching to renewable energy sources.

It also means making less obvious eco-friendly changes, such as gambling with eco casinos. The average physical casino uses a ton of energy, often operating 24 hours a day. They also produce a lot of waste, from food items to paper vouchers. Eco casinos can help you have a sounder mind when considering environmental impacts.

This article explores eco-friendly casinos, including online casinos and their betting bonuses. It also covers following the experts, such as Nina Olsendburg, to research online Norwegian casinos.

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What are Eco Casinos?

Eco-friendly casinos rely on sustainable energy models.* This means they focus on reducing energy consumption and waste production. They may also use alternative energy sources like solar panels and biomass gasification systems.

Some casinos take it a step further and implement waste plans. Sibaya Casino in Durban enforces a zero-waste policy, extensively eliminating extra, or wasted, food.* There are also casinos that partner with non-profit organizations to ensure their unused items go to countries in need.

Other casinos don’t go as above and beyond as these, but they do make small changes to become more eco-friendly. These changes include using LED lighting, smart temperature systems, and locally transported food.

Online Casinos

Because they’re accessible from virtually anywhere, online casinos are incredibly eco-friendly, more so than any physical casino. Online casinos help encourage less energy usage and waste production.

They help dissuade casino franchises from using more land for their buildings. They also assist in reducing CO2 emissions that are otherwise released when travelling to physical casinos.

These casinos also benefit people living in countries where physical casinos are illegal, similar to Norway. They can even offer more for players than physical casinos in the form of betting bonuses.

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Betting Bonuses

A betting bonus comes in various forms. The amounts and availability can differ between casinos. These bonuses are usually only offered to new or loyal members, but they’re worth looking into.

Welcome Bonus

There are different kinds of welcome bonuses, one of which is an odds welcome bonus. This is for new players only. Applying this perk means getting an extra amount of money after placing a deposit.

Deposit Bonus

Like the welcome bonus, this one gives a small percentage of money to a player after they make a deposit. The deposit must meet a minimum amount determined by the casino. This bonus is often for any player, new or not.


Free spins are often given to new or loyal members to encourage them to keep playing. They can either be for a specific slot machine or one of your choosing. Free spins are winnable depending on the slot.


Some casinos offer minimal refunds depending on a certain percentage. These bonuses are rare, but they can be handy if you’re on a losing streak.

Follow the Experts

Even though online casinos are easily accessible and come with great bonuses, not all are available to Norwegians. Some experts have created lists and reviews of those that are. Nina Olsendburg is one of those experts, and she’s reviewed the following online casinos:

  • Royal Panda Casino
  • Bob Casino
  • Wazamba

Olsendburg’s reviews also include what devices the online casinos work on and the payment methods accepted. These sorts of evaluations are highly beneficial because some online casinos only accept payments through electronic currency wallets.

Some of the biggest e-wallet companies have recently excluded Norwegians from using their services.* This is due to Norway’s strict laws and regulations regarding gambling.

E-wallets provided extra security for Norwegian players. Even so, there’s still the option of fun activities. Doing a bit of research can lead to online casinos that accept these and other payment methods.

Increased Popularity

Despite the e-wallet debacle, online casinos are seeing a rise in popularity. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are looking for fun activities to do at home. Online casinos provide this, helping to enforce social-distancing and stay-at-home mandates.

They’re also becoming more popular due to the eco-friendly trend. Playing online casino games at home contributes to the movement towards sustainability, including reduced energy usage, waste, and CO2 emissions.


Online casinos are a great, eco-friendly alternative to physical casinos. With experts creating lists and reviews of online Norwegian casinos, gambling has never been easier. We encourage you to take advantage of the betting bonuses and try out some online casinos! Thanks to the companies linked to above for consulting.


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