How Gamers Make Money On Twitch Doing Exactly What They Love


People all around the world join Twitch to communicate and exchange chats about everything gaming-related. It is a platform for many forms of entertainment media: games, music, talk shows, sports, travel and outdoors, and much more.

Everything online that is entertainment-related, can be found on Twitch. With more than a million broadcasters every week; it is the number one platform for many gamers. Some use the platform to make money while enjoying their hobby. There are several methods to do so, keep reading for more.

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The most famous broadcasters can boast yearly earnings of up to 7 figures through Twitch. These earnings are from the usual suspects on any social media platform; subscriptions, sponsors, and advertising. These broadcasters are highly popular, with a large following, and they spend most of their day gaming.

Of course, nothing comes easy. It takes hard work to make money, but Twitch makes the process a little easier. The minimum requirement to receive payments is very low, so being an extremely popular user is not a must. Anyone can accrue a following on the platform and start earning on Twitch. Here are some ways to do it.


Social media users make significant donations to help support their favorite streamers. Services like Patreon allow for monthly subscriptions, in addition to the sale of exclusive content. All you need to do is a “Donate” button to your channel, and encourage your fans to click it.

Brand partnerships

Given the number of users on Twitch, it is not at all surprising that companies partner with major streamers on the platform in hopes of getting people to notice their products. This is known as an affiliate partnership.

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Usually, this is from companies that feel their target market is among Twitch users, such as hardware and software sellers, energy drink manufacturers as well as gaming accessory manufacturers.

To reach a larger audience, brands only approach big-time gamers with a significant following on Twitch. Sites like SpotifyStorm can help you achieve that goal.


For those with a dedicated fan base, a common means of earning extra income can be merchandise sales. Fans are always eager to buy items – t-shirts, cups, cases, etc that are designed and made with your brand logo. It is easy to promote your merchandise to viewers on Twitch and makes for an effective sales strategy.


Virtual cheers on the Twitch platform are known as “bits”. There are small purchases that the viewers make to applaud the broadcasting gamer. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, at different prices as well. Twitch oats its gamers a portion of the revenue earned from bits on their streams – an estimated cent per each bit. 

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Game Sales

Twitch broadcasters additionally act as game sellers. The platform allows users to buy games while watching streams of the broadcasters playing them. Whenever they click to purchase the game from within a gaming stream, the gamer’s account is credited with a percentage of the purchase price.

Partner Status

Last but not least, the more lucrative method of earning money on Twitch is to achieve “Partner Status”. The other methods of earning income are considered for Twitch Affiliates, and the process is automatic. However, users aiming to become partners must apply for the position.

The advantage of this status is the extra revenue earned (from advertisements). Naturally, only accounts with a large following are eligible as they would generate more ad revenue. Additionally, broadcasters with partner status can get sponsorships and endorsements from third-parties. Thanks to for consulting.


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