ASMR: what is it? And how people make money off of it


You have probably come across videos with odd sounds, or people whispering. Perhaps you’ve noticed a trend of content where people are playing with slime or cutting up soap bars. How are these all connected? Keep reading for all the information and how to make the most of it.

 ASMR: a simple explanation

Officially ASMR  stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. In layman’s terms, it is that tingling feeling some people claim to have when they view or hear certain images and sounds. It can be a calming experience, and some people use it as a sleep aid.

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Despite the name, the phenomenon has never been backed up by science, and in fact, isn’t even mentioned in any published dictionary. Those who experience it describe a pleasant prickle running down their backbone, that can even be called euphoric. Often, the result is relaxing, giving the person a sense of serene calm.

What scientists are saying about ASMR

One Yale professor hypothesized that the feeling people get whilst watching these videos are euphoric seizures. Yes, there are pleasure-inducing seizures, and the idea is that ASMR induces them, giving people a pleasurable feeling.

Another way the phenomenon was explained was that it simply stimulates the pleasure portion of the vertebrates’ brain. Generally speaking, vertebrates have two stimulus responses in their nervous system – a positive (pleasurable) one, and a negative (painful one).

These are useful when learning to adapt behavior according to the stimulus. For example, you stop putting your hand on fire, after experiencing the pain of being burned.

The evolutionary advantage of a polarized nervous system is for us to develop an affinity to things that increase the probability of our survival, and an aversion to things that are likely to cause us harm that may result in death.

Another key characteristic of humans is our neurodiversity – meaning we are varied in every sense of the word. Every individual human has their own preferences and dislikes, that are unique to them. Although humans tend to group into cultures and subcultures based on their interests, they are nonetheless diverse and no two humans are the same.

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Who Can ‘Create’ ASMR Content?

Some people think that you need special skills for ASMR, but it can be relatively simple. Many content creators in this field that have a large fan base claim they noticed the feeling when they were younger and only after discussing it online (or watching ASMR videos) did they put a name to the concept.

It can best be described as the sensation you get when being tickled. Regardless, to be an ASMR content creator, you should be able to identify the trends in ASMR and try to push the buttons of your viewers, to try and stimulate them in any way you can.

Can I Make A Living Making ASMR Content?


By actively seeking this type of content and scrutinizing it, you can learn the ways that other users are creating their content, and be inspired to do the same. It is a sure way to develop your skills as an ASMR artist.


Needless to say, you will need high-quality video and audio recording equipment. If you are including audio as part of the experience, a binaural microphone is essential. It is a microphone that has two ‘heads’ and is usually optimized for quiet sounds, offering noise cancellation as well.

Youtube or other Social Media

Many users opt for YouTube as a starting point to upload their finished videos, but you may choose other social media platforms.

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After you have accrued millions of followers, and watch hours, you have the option to monetize your account. Additionally, many brands will contact you (or you can try contacting them) and offer to negotiate a deal where you can market their product in exchange for monetary compensation.

Keep in mind that the number of your viewers is all that matters to organizations looking to market their products through your channel, so do everything in your power to keep people watching.

As popular as it may seem to be, ASMR is considered a niche market as it has a relatively small following. However, it is showing signs of growth, making its way into popular culture. For example, an ASMR triggering ad during the 2019 Superbowl was controversial, as around half the viewers did not understand the ad at all.

ASMR will continue to be misunderstood until more research on the subject can be done, and science can factually explain what happens when people watch or listen to this type of content. Thanks to Gentle Whispering ASMR.


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