Ultimate Bedroom Lights Guide For Popular Interior Design Styles


For most of us, bedroom lights can be a bit of an afterthought, something we decide once we’re done arranging and setting the rest of our decor to our tastes. Despite this, bedroom lights are actually one of the most important ways to ensure you’re getting a good night of sleep (apart from making sure you have the best mattress for your comfort, of course).

Bedroom light on the night stand and bed
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Paying attention to the details of bedroom decor that sometimes go neglected can have plenty of rewards attached to it. From finding a rug to picking out the right lights for your space, there are a few smaller aspects of decor that can really pack a punch in terms of impact.

Here are some smaller details of bedroom decor that you might not have paid much attention to before, but are just as important when it comes to getting your bedroom looking just right.

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Different Kinds Of Bedroom Lights

The most important thing to keep in mind when decorating your bedroom with lights is the different variations there are available, and how they can each serve very different purposes to your space. Here are the various different lighting options that come with a bedroom:

Ambient bedroom lights refer to the kind of lighting that lights up the majority of your space. For the bedroom, it’s important to use warmer ambient light, since blue light present in whiter toned lights can keep you awake and disrupt your sleep cycles for longer.

Task lighting is used to highlight a specific portion of the room and is better for a corner of your space you want to dedicate to work, or reading right before you go to bed. Some examples of accent lighting include table lamps.

Bedroom, bed and night stand table with bedroom light sta
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Finally, accent lighting is best used in situations that require a focused highlight in your space. This might be a painting, your bookshelves, or even the area around your bed so that you’re able to navigate your space with minimal disturbance.

Choosing some combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting and making sure they all seem to be in sync with each other is a big and important aspect of getting the balance of your bedroom just right.

Decorated bedroom with bedroom lights, double bed and balcony
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Other Bedroom Decor Details You Shouldn’t Miss

Bedroom lighting isn’t the only neglected detail of bedroom decor. The mattress size you pick for your room can have an equally important impact on the look and feel of your space.

Ensuring you choose the right mattress size is important, for the overall look and feel of the room. The right mattress size can make a bedroom look more spacious, feel significantly cozier, and be more inviting for a good night’s sleep.

Bedroom with double bed and bedroom lights on night stands
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A good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to mattress size is to allow for two feet of space between your mattress and all other bedroom furniture in your space.

Other aspects of bedroom decor apart from mattress size that tend to get neglected include storage solutions and extra flooring in the forms of rugs or other paneling. These small touches can all add up, and result in a seriously powerful impact for your space as a whole.

Decorated bedroom with double bed and mirror
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Whether it’s finding the right type of bedroom lights, or simply choosing a mattress size for your space, when you choose to focus on the smaller details, you’ll be rewarded with a bedroom that really has been conscientiously decorated.

Focusing on the smaller aspects of your bedroom will be all that more helpful when you’re trying to snuggle up and go to rest for the night. Thanks to puffy.com for consulting on this post.


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