Safety Moving Tips During the Third Lockdown


The outbreak of COVID-19 caught the world off guard. The unavailability of a cure and inability to determine the virus’s root cause kept the healthcare department and scientists occupied. Medical experts suggested that the only way to minimize the effect was to keep people indoors and close down the borders.

Many governments administered lockdown amid the COVID-19 crisis and forced people to stay indoors to combat the virus. The strategy may not have eradicated the virus, but it has successfully reduced the active COVID-19 cases.

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The novel coronavirus continues to evolve the situation, and governments are taking measures as per their concerns. Many countries resumed all operations; albeit, with new guidelines, but the cases continued to rise. They had to administer another lockdown.

Being confided in homes during these unprecedented times is not easy, and many people choose to move to other places. Many people consider living within proximity of their loved ones, as they feel the closer, the better. While the news circulates about the third lockdown, several people think of moving back home and continuing with remote work.

People consider shifting homes a big hassle, as it requires you to pack the contents of all houses and make another place your home. Regardless of what reason you are moving, the truth is the process can be physically taxing, mentally exhausting, and emotionally draining.

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The following are some safety tips that will help you in moving during the third lockdown:

1. Hire Movers

Many people think that they can move their things by themselves and not need to get movers on board. They take help from their friends or family and transport their belongings using their vehicles, helping them save money. The truth is while it may save some money, but the chances are high that it can harm your precious belongings. Movers have proper equipment and tools, and their employees have undergone appropriate training. You can compare local removalists on sites like Muval.

Moving companies ensure that their employees follow the SOPs and take care of the sanitization of the equipment they use to lift and transport boxes and furniture pieces. Hiring movers may feel heavy on the pocket, but in the long run, it saves you money. Besides, it keeps your mind at peace that your possessions will reach the destination in their original condition.

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2. Take Care of SOPs

Shifting houses is an extensive process and involves many aspects. People may get away with so many to-do tasks and neglect the standard operating procedures, SOPs. It would be in your and your loved ones’ interest if you kept in mind that slight negligence may result in something dreadful.

Taking care of SOPs might slow down your moving process and require you to put in more effort. Still, you need to understand that following SOPs is mandatory, and there is no other way about it. Instead of bringing in more people to help you pack, have a few to maintain social distancing. Ensure that you all wash hands frequently and adhere to other precautionary measures.

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3. Plan the Move

Thorough planning helps in making difficult tasks easier. Planning the move lets you give attention to every factor of the shifting process and minimizes the chances of you missing out on anything.

While planning the move is imperative even in normal situations, during this COVID-19 crisis and the third lockdown, you need to be extra vigilant and plan it extensively. Limiting movements is one way of combating the novel virus. Planning will assist you in making sure that you carry out more tasks in a few visits.

4. Conduct Virtual Meetings

In normal circumstances, experts suggest that you visit the new house often and inspect it thoroughly before locking it down. Exposure to more places raises the chances of contracting the virus, which is why medical experts are suggesting finding alternatives. We live in the hi-tech world, and after surviving in two lockdowns, most people have mastered the art of conducting virtual meetings.

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While moving, it is better to have several online conferences using integrated phone, video conferencing, and messaging, to minimize physical contact and reduce movements. Moreover, virtual meetings will save you from traveling expenses and time.

5. Safe Packing

The move may be happening during the third lockdown, but it involves almost all shifting house elements. Packing frets people as they have to put their years of possessions in cartons and then transport them to their new places. Packing experts cannot emphasize enough the importance of labeling boxes. Pack all similar things together and name the package as per the room of your new destination.

The movers will directly put the boxes in the correct room, and it will minimize the need to move boxes within the new house. People possess fragile items, like delicate crockery pieces, fancy decoration items, or antique art pieces. Take bubble wrap in a reasonable amount and wrap your fragile pieces in it. The layers of bubble wrap will act as a protective shield. You will receive your belongings in their original condition.

6. Pack Clothes in Trash bags

Moving is stressful, and doing so during the third lockdown adds to the tension. You do not only have to pack, but unpacking is another hassle that awaits you. Packing clothes in garbage bags ease the task of packing and unpacking. You can take out the hanging clothes with hangers from the wardrobes, tie a few hangers with a string, and put them in a trash bag.

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Once your apparel carton reaches your new place, you can tear the bag off and hang clothes in new cupboards. Furthermore, covering them in bags will not let your clothes have any contact with external surfaces.

7. Disinfect the House

Remember that you are making a big move during these unprecedented times, where disinfecting things has become an essential task. Before settling in a new place, you must disinfect the house to remove the possibility of contracting a virus. A better approach is to thoroughly wash the space and disinfect using sprays and disinfecting material before transporting your things to your new home.

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Once your furniture pieces and other things have arrived, disinfecting will become tricky and require you to move pieces here and there. Ensure that you clean the place, wipe the surface a few times using disinfecting wipes, and then settle in a new abode.


The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down, and even after a year, things are not settling down. The active cases rise, and fall and governments are trying their best to launch measures that will minimize the virus’s impact. Moving houses during the third lockdown requires you to be more vigilant and plan things accordingly. Following SOPs has become a new normal, and while it may look impossible to move during a lockdown, it is doable. Thanks to for consulting.


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