Benefits of Hiring a Professional Kitchen Designer


People love do-it-yourself projects. Many believe that they can do a good enough job on their own instead of hiring professional. But the thing is, people should not settle for good enough when it comes to the home they plan to live and grow their family in. It is indeed great to be able to do things personally, but it is better to opt for professional advice.

Here are some things to ponder on if you are still thinking twice about hiring a professional:

Kitchen with dinning room
Used with permission of Marianne Simon Design

1. Time

If you are not a professional, you will need time to first learn how to do things properly aside from the actual time needed to actually do the project. A week’s project for a professional can take a month for someone who is not used to such a project. So, if you want the construction done in no time, and with a guaranteed outcome, it would be best to hire a professional.

2. Safety

A kitchen houses three of the most important foundations in a home – electricity, gas and plumbing. It needs proper electrical wiring in order for all appliances to work properly. It needs proper gas installation to avoid gas leaks that can lead to bigger problems. It needs proper plumbing for sinks.

If any one of these three is not properly installed, it would be dangerous for the entire household.

3. Budget

Some may think that do-it-yourself kitchen projects are more budget friendly. This is not true because you will need time to look for the cheapest materials. This means you will need to go over to various stores on your own and waste a lot of hours as well as gas expenses going back and forth.

While on your task, you may need a snack or two to energize you. Take note that if you hire a professional, you will save on this expense and on your efforts. If you properly do the math, you will be able to save more just by letting the professionals handle it.

Beige kitchen and dinning room
Used with permission of Christina Wikman

4. Options

A visit to a hardware store can be overwhelming. Just the aisle for paints can give you so many options. If you are not familiar with what you are doing, you are more likely to lose sight of your project. A professional kitchen designer will give clear design options that will help you realize your dream project.

5. Contingency

If you open up space, you are more likely to see more things to do aside from the intended project alone. For instance, removing the kitchen walls to put up new tiles may turn into a problem upon further inspection. You may suddenly encounter plumbing problems, electrical problems or even pest infestation. A hired professional will be able to handle any contingency easily because of their contacts in the industry.

6. Planning

Clients will always be considered in planning. Hiring a professional kitchen designer does not mean losing your personal input. It only means that all your personal input will become the best output you could ever imagine. They have the know-how to put all your ideas into reality.

Kitchen with big table, bar chairs and kitchen elements
Used with permission Marianne Simon Design

7. Experience

They have experience in dealing with all the possible things that can happen in a build. If you do a project on your own and find a pest infestation, what will you do? You will need to do more research because of a lack of experience.

If you suddenly encounter a plumbing problem, you will need to learn about plumbing before you can actually proceed with your project.

If you hire an experienced kitchen designer, they have the experience to address just that. Also, there are things that homeowners imagine but are not feasible in real life. A kitchen designer will also be able to tell you about it and explain the issues.

8. Home Value

If you do a project on your own, you will more likely face a lot of do overs, especially if it is your first time to do so. There is a big possibility of mistakes in installation and measurements. If a kitchen does not feel finished or properly done, the house value can decrease.

If you have intentions of selling your home in the future, it would be best to find professionals that can increase the value of your home. Thanks to for consulting.


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