A Simple Homeowner Checklist for Hiring a Qualified, Professional Plumber!


You must have a qualified and professional plumber to fix your pipes if you have a plumbing issue in your house. You would want to make sure that the plumber is reliable and can do the work for a low price and assurance that the problem won’t arise again. It isn’t wise to take matters into your own hands in case of plumbing problems, and you should just hire a professional plumber to fix your overflowing sink, broken or blocked pipes, or any leakages. Read on to find out what you need to know before you get started. 

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Where to find a plumber?

Plumbers can be found easily. You can find newspaper advertisements or posters of plumbers or plumbing companies that provide services in your neighborhood. If not, you can choose to contact your real estate agent or your house owner if you are a tenant looking for a plumber. If you want to go for plumbers with good reviews and are trusted in the market, you can choose to consult local plumbing material stores because they would know better as to which plumbers or plumbing service providers are reliable and will take care of your problem in a more professional way. You can choose to search for plumbers online as well, and find folks like summersphc.com/crawfordsville/services/plumbing/plumbing-repair/. With reviews from other customers who have taken their services, it’ll make things easier for you when it comes to making a decision. One good plumbing service provider in the market is reliabledp. If you live anywhere near Toronto and GTA, you can choose to hire trusted professionals and can do a reliable job. Do a quick google search for plumbers Toronto and you should be afforded great options!

used with permission from Alice Lane Interior Design

Things to know before hiring a professional plumber:

Here are a few things that you should know before you move on to hire a professional plumber for your house

Know the Problem: 

The first thing to do is to identify the plumbing problem you are having. You should be able to identify the problem first as you might need to answer questions asked by your plumber to prepare with the necessary tools needed to do the job.

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Check for License:

Make sure the state licenses your plumber. All plumbers need to have a license issued by the respective authorities. Plumbers are given licenses based on their skills, knowledge, and understanding of plumbing’s current codes and rules. Set by the authorities. Licensed plumbers usually need to go through an examination that makes sure they are skilled enough to have the license. Yearly renewal of a license needs them to go through a process in which any new guidelines are updated.

 Plumber profile check:

After making sure of the plumber’s license, you’d want to check a few more things. Firstly, the rate of the plumber. Some plumbers would charge you hourly, while plumbing companies would rather offer services in the form of packages. It is important that you gather info on what products they will be using and whether they are of good quality or not. You must read all the reviews that you can gather about the company, as it can save you from unprofessional service and save you from worsening your situation. If you pick a plumbing company rather than a single native plumber, you can be assured that their tools will be high tech and they can handle the job much better. Also, plumbing companies do a profile check of the plumbers they appoint, making sure there would not be any criminals accessing your home and using your vulnerability to their advantage.

used with permission from Alice Lane Interior Design

Look for more options:

Even after you have found a plumber, do not stop your search and continue looking for more. Take suggestions from your real estate contract, your friends, family members, or your neighbors. Get quotations for prices from different companies and compare them. Check if their workload is professional with their job. Go for companies that provide you with a guarantee of the lasting of the work done by them. 

Plumbing Insurance and Workman’s Compensation Policy:

Many may not know, but Plumbing companies need to have general liability insurance. This means that if the plumbing company causes any damage to your property while working, they would be liable for it and would need to cover all the damage done. Secondly, the Workman’s compensation policy protects you from taking any responsibility for the plumber if he ends up injuring himself while working in your household. The costs needed for his treatment will be taken care of under the later mentioned policy. 

Emergency support after service hours:

Most plumbers or plumbing companies tend to promote their 24/7 plumbing services. They would have a call center number that is supposed to help you with any support you need and dispatch a plumber for you at wee hours in case of any plumbing emergencies.

No matter what kind of plumbing issue you have, rest assured that a professional plumber will fix it all. Moreover, I hope that this article helps you find a professional individual or company that you would need to repair your broken sink or leaking pipes. Thanks to Reliable Drain and Plumbing for consulting


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