2021 home improvement trends


A new year means a shift in style and trends, which is one of our favourite things to see! 2021 is bringing a new set of popular décor for interior design, so we’ve compiled some of our favourites. If you’re looking to redecorate, you’re in the right place!

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  1. Smart homes

With the development in technology, this is one that will almost always see itself in trends as new tec comes out. Last year, we saw millions of homeowners introduce LED lights into their home, allowing for colour personalisation depending on mood. Now, we’re seeing more of this, from automatic lights to voice-controlled appliances – our personal favourite is the smart-fridge, which will track your groceries and order more when you’re running low!

There is all manner of smart technology that you can introduce into your home, making everyday life easier and having the added bonus of increasing your house value, ideal if you’re thinking about selling your house!

used with permission from Blackband Design
  1. Making the most of outside space

Living through a global pandemic has taught us a lot, but it’s really highlighted how important outside space is and how many of us took it for granted before we had to stay at home for months on end. Now, we’re all realising just how much we enjoy outdoor space and want to make sure that we really utilise it. This varies hugely depending on the amount of space that you’ve got, but the inspiration is the same; don’t waste your outside space.

For those with gardens, we’ve seen delightful patios popping up with space to sit and enjoy the days. On balconies, strip lights and a bookcase of plants can completely transform it into an area anyone would be thrilled to spend lazy evenings in. Those with a larger budget have installed firepits and cinema setups, giving their garden a festival feel to it – with gardens like that, who would ever want to go anywhere else?

  1. Office space

When millions of people went home in March and had to work from home to the best of their abilities, a huge amount of us weren’t too concerned about setting up functioning workspaces as we didn’t expect it to be a long-term change. Now, nearly a year later, more of us are struggling to work from home without a specific office space but are going to be doing so for the foreseeable.

Whether you’re able to redesign an entire room or dedicate a section of a room to your work, you’ll see a huge change in your productivity. Not only that, but you can add your own spin to your home office, making anyone seeing it in a videocall super jealous!

  1. Multi-purpose rooms

A perfect follow-up from the above point, making the most of your space is incredibly popular at the moment. Whether it’s transforming your spare bedroom into an office during the day or redesigning your kitchen to allow space for a dining area too, having rooms that can double their use is hugely desirable. This trend can really let your creativity flow, which is why it’s such a popular one – almost any room can have a second use if you put your mind to it!

used with permission from Blackband Design
  1. Bright colours

Throughout 2020, white and grey became the perfect pair through millions of homes, giving a sleek clean look to kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. This year, however, we’ve seen a huge change from that with bold, bright colours coming into the spotlight. Navy living rooms, emerald bathrooms, mustard kitchens – this not only makes your home really stand out, but lets you personalise it in a way you may not have considered before. White and grey is still a popular combination and likely always will be, but these pops of colours let you transform your house into a home designed just for you.

used with permission from Blackband Design
  1. Geometric

Last year, patterns were creeping back in, but 2021 is throwing itself full force into bright, eye-catching décor. Geometric is a stunningly popular pattern, but there’s room for all this year; tartan, Aztec, spots and stripes, whatever takes your fancy! This is a great option for those who want to redecorate but don’t have a big budget – you can introduce these patterns on cushion covers, throws, rugs, blankets, canvases on the wall, there are so many options you can go any direction you like.

The general rule of thumb with this is to stick to one pattern, as it can get a bit overwhelming if you throw too many patterns together, however, if you have a vision you can actually make it work. Organised chaos is the key – pair your pattern with a strong base colour, and in no time, you’ll see a stunning combination with live and excitement to brighten your home.

These are only some of the trends that we’ve seen this year, and we can’t wait to see more as 2021 develops! What’s your favourite interior design trend at the moment? Let us know! Thanks to We Buy Any House for consulting


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