6 Amazing Benefits of Overhead Garage Storage


If you want to park your car or need to store extra materials, then having a garage is super important. Garages are designed to house a lot of your stuff including your car, tools and equipment. However, they can fill up quickly due to their limited space. If you have reached your garage storage limit, then you should consider installing and utilizing overhead garage storage

Overhead garage storage has multiple advantages that can help you reclaim your space quickly. You can enjoy extra security, space and savings with the right type of overhead garage storage. Below are a few additional benefits of overhead garage storage systems.

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  1. Added Floor Space

The floor space in your garage is super important. Only your most important possessions should be stored on the floor in your garage. For example, if you live in a place where the weather conditions are rough, then make sure that your floor space is used for parking your car. Of course, this means that you will need to find a storage solution for the rest of your stuff. Fortunately, overhead garage storage is the perfect solution.

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  1. Added Storage Space

By installing overhead garage storage, you can free up extra space and hold more things in your garage. Having this extra storage will also help you tidy up your room and give you the opportunity to assort stuff into different bins and boxes. 

  1. Protection from Water Damage

Garages occasionally have water leaks. You could wake up one morning and find puddles of water all over your garage floor. This flooding can damage delicate items that you have stored in your garage. With overhead storage, you can protect your delicate items from water damage. Of course, don’t forget to have fail safes in please to protect your car!

used with permission from Mill Haven Homes
  1. Easy Access

Overhead storage systems like Versa-Lift help you easily lift the items in your garage. You can easily access them without any difficulty. Items up to 250 pounds (perfect for bicycles) can easily be stored by lowering and lifting items with a cable. 

  1. Save Money on a Storage Unit

Have you run out of storage space in your garage? If so, then you have probably looked at renting a storage unit to house your stuff. With overhead storage installed in your garage, you can save money by not having to pay the monthly storage unit fee. 

  • Keeps Items Away From Pests

People, especially pet owners, prefer to keep certain things like pet food and linens inside the garage. However, pests and rats are attracted to food and will attempt to find their way into the garage. If you want to store your food and linens in a place where pests and rats cannot reach them, then overhead garage storage is the best alternative.

Staying organized is super important when you are limited on space. It is also important if you do have a lot of space and want to keep your house from becoming overly cluttered. You will never have enough space if you do not store your items away smartly. Having overhead garage storage installed can help you remedy this problem and restore order to your garage and home. Thanks to Arizona garage storage services for consulting.


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