Things to Know Before Hiring An Agency for Timber Flooring in Canberra ACT


The flooring of your house stands as the foundation. Even if it goes unnoticed, flooring does play a vital role in showcasing the overall aesthetics of your house.

Appointing contractors for fitting new timber flooring or replacing the old one in itself isn’t an arduous task with a plethora of specialists out here in Canberra ACT. However, finding the best quality of craftsmanship is something that you can’t overlook especially when it comes to deciding on the flooring of your property.

Not just the quality of wood and the craftsmanship but the service standards, warranty, timely delivery are among various factors that are to be considered when hiring contractors to take up your flooring job. Companies such as Supreme Timber Floors in Canberra ACT can provide you with exquisite services. Here are some tips that can help you conveniently choose the best agency in Canberra ACT.

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Jot down your needs

Regardless of who you hire, it is important to list out your requirements before approaching an agency in the market. Gone are those days, when you would have to pick from one or two wooden covering styles.

Timber or hardwood flooring comes in a variety of styles, patterns, colours, cuts and species. This could make your choice rather difficult. A little research on the available varieties can give you a better perspective on what would go best with your home’s interior décor.

What kind of look are you seeking? Do you want a warm and durable flooring? Do you have an elderly, children or pets at home? Asking yourself such questions will help you note all the important factors that play a crucial role in finalizing your needs first and then the contractor who will be able to take up the project. 

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Don’t ignore durability 

Sometimes the process of shortlisting an agency and finding the right wood for flooring needs can override the need to check for the durability of the wood. However, this is something you must pay close attention to. 

It isn’t a feasible option to change floorings too often and your house being the place you will live in, it would be wise not to compromise on the factor of durability. Good contractors in Canberra ACT should be able to suggest you a quality and make that is resilient to the traffic of your home and is capable of withstanding minor wear and tear. 

If you are planning timber carpeting for your living room, bamboo, tallowwood, etc make a good option. Such wood varieties don’t scratch easily and can be conveniently used in high-traffic prone areas of the house.

For ideas on ideal wooden carpeting for kitchen, check this out at,and%20temperature%20%E2%80%94%20common%20in%20kitchens

Among the things you consider before hiring a contractor to work on your house floor is the how-to plan to do the décor of every individual room, especially if you are planning different types and designs of wood for different rooms. 

Right from the furniture fabrics to the room furnishings and more makes sure it complements the chosen parquet. This will enhance the beauty of your new timber flooring. For instance, if your style is traditional, you can look for darker floor colours while if you want to keep the tone contemporary, you can choose lighter colours. 

Some timber species such as the red oak or even maple eye offer neutrality and can be combined with any theme or interior décor. Among some timber types that go well that complement modern interiors include particle boards and composites. Even corks provide a contemporary feel. 

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Akin to durability, maintenance is one factor you can’t ignore when buying timber for your home flooring needs. While you ask your contractor about the details of the product, make sure you also ask about its maintenance. Undermaintained floors can get damaged easily. Hence, care and maintenance is a vital aspect that impacts the longevity of the wood. 

Expert contractors will always recommend timber that suits your lifestyle so that it can be easily maintained. Broadly speaking, wooden surfaces need to be protected from excessive moisture. Also, to maintain its health and lustre, you will need appropriate cleaning products. 

Adequate research

To start with you can seek references from your family, friends or neighbours who might have got wooden flooring from the shortlisted contractors around you. Alternatively, you can look up the company website to read up testimonials and glance through the image gallery depicting previous work done by the contractor.

Here’s a brief on some of the common timber variants used for flooring purposes. 

Cork: An underrated material, it is the perfect option for homes. Timber derived from cork offers a warm feel to the feet and are great for a home with kids. They are darker in shade.

Laminated timber: If you are looking for a variety of wood that gives away the board look, is durable yet reasonably priced, laminated timber would be a considerable choice. 

Solid Timber: Solid timber offers a classy look but can be quite expensive depending on the variety you pick. Click here for information on how to install hardwood carpeting. 

Other than these you can also opt for recycled wood. However, if you think that this comes cheap because it is recycled then that’s not true. 

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Once you’ve shortlisted a few top contractors for your flooring project, make sure to compare quotations. This will give you an idea about the estimated cost. It is important to discuss every detail with your agency to ensure that there aren’t any hidden costs. From the cost of materials to installation and maintenance, ask for a written quotation. 


The best agencies in Canberra ACT should provide a warranty on their products. This will ensure that any problems faced with the terrazzo during the warranty period will be restored by the agency without any extra charges. It would be good to ascertain that the warranty details are mentioned either on the bill or issued as a separate certificate in writing.

Consider appointing licensed contractors only for installing your floor. Professional agencies will visit the site before embarking on the flooring project and only send experienced and skilled workmen to complete the job within the promised time. Thanks to Supreme Timber Floors for consulting



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