19 Stunning Bedroom Décor and Design Ideas


If you’ve been spending more time at home than ever, you’re probably thinking it’s time for a bedroom upgrade. After all, your room is your sanctuary! Choose bedroom decor that reflects your personality and makes you feel good.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways to revamp your room without breaking the bank. You can overhaul the entire room, or just add a few accents!

If you need some inspiration for bedroom decor ideas, keep reading. We’ve curated a list of all the best ways to give your room a facelift. These trends are sure to make your home space a comfortable one!

Our editors have picked some of their favorite bedroom design ideas for this list. Whether you’re a die-hard minimalist or lean into the hippie aesthetic, you’re sure to find something that will inspire you.

Once you’ve finished this list, feel free to check out the products we’ve linked! Everything included in this article has our stamp of approval.

used with permission from Breeze Giannasio

1. Retro-Cool Vibes

The seventies are back in a big way. Whether or not you consider yourself a flower child, this retro-cool style is cozy and mod. Utilize bold geometric prints, hang up some glittering beads, or throw a colorful crochet afghan across your bed.

Embrace warm tones and mod furniture with this aesthetic. There are a ton of ways to incorporate unique vintage designs into your home—read about a few here!

If flower power isn’t your thing, look to any decade that you like. The eighties boasted bright neons and plush bedding; the fifties had delicate florals and pastels. Look through some vintage magazines for more inspiration!

2. Embrace Wallpaper

Don’t worry: we don’t mean the stuffy floral wallpaper from your grandma’s house. Designers have turned their attention to wallpaper in recent years, coming up with vibrant prints and muted patterns that can fit any home. You’ll be surprised at all the modern wallpaper options.

Wallpaper adds a ton of interest to any room you’re in. Cover your entire room with graphic patterns, or choose a single accent wall to showcase a bold pattern. It’s also easy to put up yourself!

We suggest choosing a wallpaper first, and planning decor around it. This way, your room will feel well-coordinated. We love this watercolor design by Stephanie Corfee.

3. Incorporate New Textures

Texture is oft-overlooked when designing a room. But having intriguing textures throughout a room helps heighten the energy. Whether you put up a faux brick wallpaper or choose all-velvet furniture, your room will have added luxury.

This can expand to the bedding you choose as well. Pick out a ruched comforter, or a knitted blanket to snuggle under. Find a plush quilted headboard to serve as a visual centerpiece.

There are many ways to incorporate texture into your bedroom design—your imagination is the limit!

4. Enhance Your Ceiling

Have you thought about painting your ceiling? What about covering it with wood paneling, like designer Gail Davis? There’s a lot of room for creativity!

Decorating or painting your ceiling will tie the room together in a fascinating way. If you have a bright graphic wallpaper, paint your ceiling in a coordinating color. Or match it to the carpet for a cubist feel.

You can get really creative with the ceiling design. Paint constellations on a dark blue background, or just stick up some glow-in-the-dark stars!

5. Bring in a New Headboard

With the right design, your headboard can be the centerpiece of your whole room. There are some truly stunning headboards out there that double as pieces of art. You can choose a subtly stunning piece or an attention-grabbing piece of handiwork.

A new headboard is also a great way to incorporate texture and pops of colors into your room. Choose an upholstered piece that matches your favorite bedding set, or a wrought iron piece that draws the eyes. No matter your personal style, you can find a headboard to fit into the aesthetic.

used with permission from Breeze Giannasio

6. Put Up a Canopy

Canopy beds aren’t just for kids! A light, gauzy canopy can add sophisticated whimsy to your bedroom. Even if you don’t have a tall four-poster bed, you can affix a canopy to the ceiling and sleep in luxury.

Having a canopy will make you feel like you’re on vacation every day. You can even hang up string lights around your bed to give it an enchanted feel. Pick a canopy fabric that matches the existing color scheme in your room.

If you’re a confident DIY-er, you can even make your own canopy! It requires pretty simple sewing skills, and the fabric is more than easy to find.

7. Fill It With Books

Make your room into a library. If you’re a die-hard bookworm, turn your room into a reading sanctuary.

You can invest in a wall-to-wall bookcase if you’re truly dedicated. This helps transform one wall of your room into a spectacle, while still being functional. don’t worry if you don’t have enough books to fill in a wall; you can always build up your collection!

If you have the room, you can also dedicate a corner of your room to be a reading space. Place a plush chair next to a window, set up a floor lamp, and get lost in a book!

8. Match Patterns

This doesn’t just apply to your bedding! Match your lamps to your wallpaper, or your vanity to your pillows. This will allow your room to feel like a coordinated effort, instead of just a collection of furniture.

Choosing simple patterns like stripes or hexagons will help guide you as you continue to decorate your bedroom. Instead of browsing pieces for hours, deliberating over which one is best, you can find decor all within that theme.

9. Delicate Details

Use the small things to make a big impact. This means not overlooking components like your light switch and outlet covers! Making sure small details are also beautiful will help give your bedroom a more subtle facelift.

Choose solid-colored bedding set with delicate embroidery at the hems. Replace your doorknobs with sophisticated crystal pieces. Small details will allow the entire room to feel coordinated!

As a general design philosophy, this means choosing elegant designs that aren’t too flashy. If you lean toward minimalist designs, this detail-oriented mindset is right for you!

10. Ultra-Personalization

Have you ever wanted to sleep under a duvet with your favorite pet’s face on it? With companies like Vision Bedding, you can create anything you want. Upload the pictures that mean the world to you, and design anything you want.

Personalizing your bedding and decor is an empowering experience. You have the ability to step into a designer’s shoes and create your own haven! Display what is most important to you in your sanctuary space.

You can even find VisionBedding decor for the bathroom! Coordinate all of your personal space with self-designed items like these.

11. Minimalist Chic

You know what they say: less is more. Go full Marie Kondo on your room, and decorate with minimal details. This doesn’t mean everything has to be white and plain; just that everything you own has a purpose!

Choose one or two duvet covers that you really love and alternate between them. Hang a photo or two on the walls, but really engage with the feeling of empty space and clear visual lines. Minimalism also gives you a chance to get really clever with your organization!

If you’re someone who hates clutter and wants the most relaxing space possible, this is perfect for you. Minimalism is like beautiful utilitarianism!

12. Go Dark

Whoever said to avoid dark colors just didn’t know how to work with them. Deep, rich hues can bring sumptuous luxury into your space. You’ll feel cozy wrapped up in deep tones that keep in the warmth.

This choice is great if your bedroom gets a lot of sunlight (or you have animals with dark-colored fur!). Don’t avoid that dark damask bedding set just because you think it might be too depressing. A dark color scheme feels bold yet comforting.

If you want, balance out dark tones with a few pops of color. Bright art or a vivid-colored headboard can add contrast.

13. Embrace Color Blocking

Love bright color combinations, but want to stay away from patterns? Try some color blocking!

Color blocking is the act of placing solid colors next to each other without a pattern. Pick out a brightly colored duvet color and pillows in contrasting colors. Or paint your walls different colors.

Color blocking allows you to bring brightness into your room without any one color being overpowering. You can concentrate bright hues in smaller spaces so they pack a punch.

used with permission from Breeze Giannasio

14. Play Up the Sunshine

If your room has wide windows and lots of light, play to those strengths. Bring in a few houseplants to refresh the air and keep everything feeling natural. Decorate in yellows and whites, playing up the existing lightness.

Place gauzy curtains over wide windows to filter the light. Find where the sunshine falls during the course of the day, and place your bed in a spot where you’ll be naturally woken up by the light.

Working around natural light will help your room feel breezy and comforting.

15. Upholster Your Walls

You’ve likely never thought about putting fabric up on your walls. However, choosing a soft fabric to surround your room will make you feel like royalty!

If you’re handy, you can even upholster the walls yourself. Choose a plush fabric and find a bit of padding to go underneath it. You can even choose a patterned fabric and use the upholstery as a visual centerpiece.

You may feel a little silly vacuuming your walls or running a lint roller over them, but the feeling of pillow-soft walls will be intriguing!

16. Bold Lighting

There’s more to life than just desk lamps and floor lamps! Find modular, interesting lighting to bring interest to your room. Whether you find a wrought-iron hanging lamp or a set of mod sconces, you can get creative with your lights.

If your bedroom doesn’t let in a lot of natural sunlight, invest in centerpiece lighting. If your bedroom is large enough, you can even bring in a chandelier!

17. Wall-Mounted Furniture

If you have a small space or want to feel uncluttered, look into floating shelves and cabinets. These ingenious pieces of furniture help you to save on floor space while still keeping organized.

Use wall-mounted furniture to display art, books, collectibles, and more. The walls are for more than just paint and art! Find fun, functional pieces to help you stay uncluttered.

18. Rugs Everywhere

Even if you have carpet in your room, bring home a few mismatched rugs to add charm. If you’re going for a Bohemian look, mix patterns and textures. You can find lots of interesting rugs secondhand!

Don’t feel weird if you already have a carpet in your room. Separate rugs will be easier to clean than installed carpet. They’ll also protect hardwood and tile floors from scuffs and marks!

Choose a comfy shag carpet to place at the foot of your bed, and a large rug to throw under your desk or vanity.

Photo by SHOP SLO® on Unsplash

19. Invest in Local Art

What’s a room without some great art to look at? Invest back in your own community and buy art made by locals. Attend festivals, art fairs, and museum openings to find pieces that match your style.

You’ll feel better knowing that the art you gaze at every day came from your locale. Your money went toward supporting local artists! It’s the right choice, and you’ll have one-of-a-kind pieces in your very own home.

Snooze in Style With Our Bedroom Decor Ideas

We hope this article inspired you to revamp your bedroom decor. Even the smallest changes can make an entire room feel new again! Now go ahead: start drafting up bedroom plans.

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