Vital Things You Need To Know About Home Electronics and Appliance Warranty


The home warranty plan topic may seem complicated, though it isn’t. However, whether you’re familiar with it or not, it’s normal to have questions if you intend to purchase a plan. A home residential warranty is a vital component that every homeowner or home buyer needs to consider. This article explains some essential things you need to know about this type of contract.

What’s A Home Electronics And Appliance Warranty

A home warranty  is a one-year service contract covering the cost of repairing or replacing major electronic appliances and systems when they break down. Companies offer different plans depending on what you want to be covered. Some companies also have customizable options that allow you to choose what you want to be included in the plan. It’s best to go with a company offering plans to homeowners in your area as they will be able to contact local contractors to help diagnose and address problems with items in your property. First American, for example, operates in many states across the country, so whether you live in California, Pennsylvania, or somewhere inbetween, being covered by them can help give you peace of mind.

Home Electronics And Appliance Warranty Limits

Before signing a home electronics and appliance warranty contract, you need to know its limits. Limits may be in terms of appliances or monetary. A limit is the amount of money that a warranty company pays out to repair or replace an appliance that breaks down during the contract. It may also mean the maximum number of appliances covered within the contract.

Once you reach your limit, you’ll pay for the rest of the replacement or appliance repair out of your pocket. Ensure that you read the contract document before signing it to know the monetary and appliance limits. Comparing the package plans of different warranty companies may also help you find the one with the best limits.

The Cost Of Home Electronics And Appliance Warranty

There’s no specific cost for this type of warranty because companies price their plans differently. Make sure you shop around and find the best home warranty company to keep your repair costs down. However, most plans range between $350 and $1000 per year. If you want customized plans, you may pay more for the additional appliances. Also, most warranties may have a limit to the number of similar devices that they cover. For example, if you have two dishwashers, a warranty may only offer coverage for one.

How To Open A Service Request

After signing a contract with a warranty company, you’ll need to make a service request when there’s a breakdown. Fortunately, making this request isn’t complicated because you can do it online. All you have to do is find your warranty company’s website and click on the “request service” button.

After that, you may be asked to answer some questions and prompts concerning the breakdown. Once you answer them correctly, you’ll pay the service call fee, and you’ll have placed a service request. Some companies may also give you the option of calling their customer service representatives directly.

Service Call Fees

This is a fee that you pay for a professional contractor to come and diagnose, repair, or replace your broken electronic appliance. It’s generally between $60 and $100 though you may pay more if your plan includes termite coverage and pest control. If a device not covered in the plan breaks down and you need it checked, you must pay the service call fees.

Bottom Line

A home electronics and appliance warranty coverage is a good fit for you if you want to cut costs on repairing and replacing broken items. However, before signing a contract with a warranty company, you need to research and find out more about this type of warranty. Thanks to American Residential Warranties for consulting


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