Top 7 Ways To Add Value To Your Home


Most of the time, adding value to ones’ property means luxurious furniture, a prominent designer, or high-end architecture. Mimicking Pinterest-inspired interiors can be achieved naturally.

What you need is to shift focus. Why not put your attention on the least noticed areas at home like the kitchen, bathroom, and floors. You can start by providing a clean, well-lighted space. Begin reconstructing your concrete spaces with a Las Vegas flooring company. Experts advise every owner to pay attention to the home’s essential foundations.

There are easy and affordable ways that will bring your home interior and exterior to the next level. Here are the top seven ideas for you to add value to your homes.

1- Beautify the Kitchen

An active part of a house is the kitchen. Food is served and made here. It is not a question of how kitchens get messy. Because of the different types of food staining the kitchen floors when cooking, it becomes difficult to maintain this area.


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Kitchen beautification is your solution. Today, homeowners give attention to the kitchen first. Begin revamping the floors. A polished floor that gleams with cleanliness instantly attracts people. They will be amazed at how you can keep the floors free from food stains like the kitchen was never busy.

Then, choose a style where you can maximize moving around. Have a kitchen-counter which is located in the middle of the room. Cooking will be more comfortable. Cleaning after will also be swift. An epoxy countertop also adds to your efficiency. The surfaces will clean fast.

2- Polished Dining Area

From the cooking area, let’s go to the dining area. It’s the same here with your kitchen. A clean and well-lighted room where the food comes in and out is absolute amazement for your guests.

When visitors come, the kitchen and dining room are where you bring them. To entertain loved ones with food is an expression of care. It feels good to dine in a place where it’s clean and polished.

To maintain a beautiful dining area, begin with the floors. It is where all things will set in place. A polished dining floor will inspire you to get the best furniture and utensils.

Get a flooring company in Las Vegas who specializes in beautiful kitchen floors. For you to have an idea, concrete staining or epoxy flooring are styles that are suitable among dining and family rooms.

3- Put-up a Patio

Not all homes have balconies or porches, but these outdoor extensions can simply add value to a house. It adds aesthetic appeal. Also, the materials used for designing the patio will give an asset to the property.

living room

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You can choose a concrete patio. It will definitely increase your property’s value. The exterior concrete floor is a durable material. It instantly presents your homes with elegance just by having a patio. Adding this extension also creates a broader view of your property.

4- Rooftop Deck

Who wouldn’t like a rooftop? Add a functional space by renovating the top area of your home. A rooftop looks fabulous. Especially to small houses. A vertical engineering concept will recommend you to transform the rooftop into a deck.

Rooftop decks add functional space. You can relax, hang out with friends, or sometimes serve barbecue here to your loved ones. This can also be a spot where you can set -up a cozy date.

5- Modernize the Bathroom

Refresh the look at your bathrooms. After all, it is called the “restroom.” So better have the wash area or the shower to look relaxing, spacious, and comfortable.


Used with permission from Meg Lonergan

A clean bathroom says it all about your homes. What is a beautiful living room or an elegantly looking porch? Don’t let the bathroom get booed. Having a well-organized restroom simply adds a valuable asset to your property.

This area can be either easy to maintain or not maintained at all. Renovate your bathroom. Invest in a modern and refreshing look for the lavatory. A minimalist style washrooms are trending now. Using durable, manageable concrete floors and walls, this narrow space will be essential to you.

6- Creative Workspaces

Have you seen the studios at home? Some homeowners isolate a particular area at home for them to be creative and express themselves. Why not have a home studio or an office where you can work comfortably? Adding a home recording studio will surely attract music lovers.

Adding value to your home also means that you make it a place for you to be productive.

7- Space for Leisure

Add value to homes just by adding life to it. A place or area where people can have fun in various ways. A mini-sports facility can be installed in your garage. Make the floors look interesting with 3D epoxy coatings.

living room

It can be a mini library. You can set it up in your attic to restore life in it after you made it storage for old valuables. Or, have an outdoor living room where you can construct a personal nook for your creativity. You can design your exterior with a koi pond for a Zen garden effect.

These are seven easy and fabulous ways to make your property value to you and to others as well. Hope you find them useful. As you think of these ideas, remember to also find what’s valuable to you. Your peace and comfort should be taken into consideration. You don’t always have to rely on luxurious things to increase assets in your residential property. Thanks to Concrete Surfacing Las Vegas for consulting.


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