6 Exterior Decorating Tips to Spruce Up Your Home


Now that the holiday season is only a few weeks away, it is time for you to start planning how you are going to decorate your home. Your interiors will surely be worth decorating with the best furnishings money can buy, but it will all be for naught if you can’t showcase it to your neighbors. This year, you should consider investing in decorating your home’s exteriors. Short on ideas? Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks for how you can decorate your exteriors.


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Cleaning Your Exterior Walls

Your exterior walls often take the beating from harsh weather, such as rain and snowstorms. As such, it is no longer surprising to see some hard to remove stains on your walls. If your paintwork is still intact, you don’t have to coat it. A much more cost-effective way to remove the dirt is to have it power washed. Service providers like Priority One Power Washing can help you restore your walls to pristine condition.

Repainting Your Walls

If your walls have cracked and chipped paint, it will be best to have them repainted. Give your home the facelift it needs by giving it a new coat of paint. This time, choose a color and paint type that is best suited to your area. Ideally, you should follow the proper steps in repainting, such as chipping off old paint, sanding, applying primer, and so on. It is also best if you can paint when the sun is up, and don’t wait for the winter season to come before doing the repainting.

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Repairing Your Gutters

While you are out decorating your exteriors, it will be worthy of paying attention to your gutters. Broken gutters can be an eyesore and a problem as they can be a source of foundation problems for your home and leaks into your walls. Before you repaint your house’s exterior, you should first check if your gutters are in its optimal condition. Take this time to clean and remove dirt, grime, and debris to prevent clogging.

Cleaning Your Windows

No matter how you repaint and power wash your walls, the exterior look won’t be perfect if you have dirty windows. Give your windows a good wash and scrub any stains to make sure that they are squeaky clean.


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Pruning Your Trees

If you have trees surrounding your home, it is time to give them a good prune. This way, you allow them to grow healthy leaves, and you also reduce gutter debris. You may want to contact an expert like Long Beach tree care specialists. While you are tackling your trees, it will be good to place some lighting to liven it up a bit. Make sure to use lights that are weatherproof to reduce the likelihood of fire.

Working on Your Lawn

If you have a lawn, it will also be good to show it some love. Mow your grass and patch bald spots, if there are any. It will also be nice to add some fertilizers to your grass, so they grow lush and green. If you have bushes, it will also be nice to give them a trim and decorate it with some fairy lights to give it depth and life.

Decorating the exterior of your home is just as fun as working on your interiors. In fact, not only will your home feel livable, but it will also be a great way to spread positivity in your neighborhood. Invest time and resources in decorating your exteriors, and you will reap the rewards. Work with professionals whenever necessary so you can benefit from quality work. Thanks to Priority One Power Washing for consulting.


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