Creating a Sense of Balance Between Man and Nature at Home


A balance between man and nature is the pillar on which existence itself is staked, whether it is ecological, social, or psychological. Most importantly, Environmental Psychology has shown with facts that the presence of nature invigorates man.

A walk in the woods energises us because our affinity toward nature is genetic and deep-rooted in evolution. This also explains our preferences for views while booking an apartment or even a hotel room. With so much research-backed evidence that acknowledges the need and usefulness of the nature ‘contact’ it is only logical that we create and maintain a balance between nature and man at home too.

Nature and our health

Proximity to nature aids in the improvement of mental and physical health of both adults and children. For instance, looking at the green grass, the trees, the flowers can and does improve focus and eyesight, as well as Computer Vision Syndrome (CSV).

As nature is a great purifier, spending time among plants can help in releasing body toxins and induce a fresh and rejuvenated feeling. The massive amount of outdoor and indoor pollutants is potent enough to dysregulate our respiratory tract, leading to myriad breathing troubles.

Apply the positive effects of nature at home

We are spending a considerable amount of our times at home. The home should therefore, mimic the natural environment as closely as it can. There are many ways in which a man-nature balance can be created at home. Here are some of them:

nature journal

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

  1. Start a nature journal

A very unique way to creatively imbibe the positive vibes of nature into our everyday life. Write about your experiences while on a walk, sitting in your backyard, or simply gazing through the window. Collect tokens from the outdoor experiences such as pebbles, sand, leaves, or flowers and pin them along with your notes or just draw the scene that is on your mind. Nature journaling allows for some quality solitude while inevitably connecting to nature.

vegetarian dish

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

  1. Introduce nature in your diet

Increase the consumption of plant-based proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Research has shown that plant-based diet helps the body to maintain its optimal state of functioning and homeostasis level. Replacing animal-based proteins with vegetables and grains brings good health and long life to us, as well as, forges a strong connection to nature.


Photo by Pranav Madhu on Unsplash

  1. Take up gardening

Studies have proved that gardening is beneficial for the mental health. Working with plants, nurturing them helps to improve sensory awareness, cognitive functions, and enhances focus.

house plants

  1. Have plants at home

Not only does indoor plants add to the aesthetic value of your space, it also purifies the air inside your house. Potted plants inside the home balances and soothes the home ambiance and aids in respiration and breathing. Indoor plants reconnect the home with nature, calms and delights the senses, bringing a serene feeling.

Staying close to nature and appreciating plants and flowers, is therapeutic and self-healing. If you are based in Australia and would like to begin this man and nature balance inside your home, but lacks the time to pick the right type of plants, you might consider opting for an indoor plant hire in Sydney. Thanks to Gaddy’s for consulting!



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