Repainting your home? Different Types of Paint Sheens that you might want to Check Out.


There’s no question to it. Colors just bring life to an otherwise bland and empty room. Colors also suggest what a particular area is for. According to designers, each color elicits different types of thoughts and emotions in the person looking at them.

types of paint sheens

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Red, for example, suggests an activity and stimulates appetite. Hence it is perfect for dining areas. Blue, on the other hand, has this relaxing effect. This hue is expected in areas where people just rest and rejuvenate.

If you are repainting your home now, it is indeed important for you to choose the right colors for the right areas. But your attention shouldn’t just be limited to this. There are also other areas where your active input is indeed, such as deciding what type of paint to use and how shiny it should be.

There are basically just two types of paints: oil-based and water-based.

types of paint sheens

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Oil-based is said to be more durable than the other, so it is perfect for areas that will be exposed to a lot of pressures such as doors, floors, and walls that are within the reach of the home’s occupants. Water-based is going to be perfect for ceilings.

There are different types of paint sheen. We outline here some of the most common ones.


types of paint sheens

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Matte is easily the most commonly used type of sheen today. This is perhaps because of the fact that it is very easy to apply and it has the ability to effectively hide imperfections on ceilings and walls. Because there is practically no shine to it, this kind of paint is used on areas where there shouldn’t be any visual distractions.

One downside of using matte is the need for frequent retouching as this type of finish gets easily marked. Matte paints also require a lot of coats to get the solid color that everyone wants.


types of paint sheens

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A satin finish is smooth. It also has this soft and subtle shine that many get attracted to. This type of finish also withstands washing, so it is perfect for areas where you can expect a lot of dirt and residue such as laundry areas and children’s rooms. However, satin actually is less effective in hiding imperfections because of its smoothness. In fact, holes and bumps may be unwittingly highlighted by it.


types of paint sheens

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An eggshell finish is what you should go for if you want to cut costs. Eggshell paints can cover surfaces with just a single coat. They also have the subtle gloss of satin paints but not their smoothness, so they are better able to mask surface imperfections.


types of paint sheens


Gloss is another popular finish choice, especially on surfaces that are meant to be highlighted such as trims and moldings. Gloss finishes are very resistant to scrubs, so you can easily just it with water and detergent if they happen to get soiled or written on by the kids. One very important downside of gloss is the fact that it tends to highlight imperfections.

Whatever paint you are going to use, it is important that you are able to apply it well. You can do the painting yourself or ask the professionals from organizations such as Darling Homes to do it for you. The second option becomes the better choice if you want to be assured of a quality finish.

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