5 Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Fresh


Have you ever wondered how long you really spend in the bathroom in any given year? According to a survey by Unilever, the average shower lasts eight minutes. That may sound pretty reasonable until you calculate those daily minutes actually topple the 48-hour mark over the course of a year. And remember that number only accounts for the amount of time you’re actually in the shower, not prepping for work or relaxing in the tub.

Although you may not be able to trim down your minutes in the shower, you can make the most of your bathroom while you’re enjoying it. Freshen up the entire room by adding a few simple hacks to keep your bathroom looking and smelling fresh. Here’s how to get started.

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Get the right shower hacks

A remodel is one way to dramatically transform your entire bathroom, but isn’t always economically feasible. Instead, use a few shower hack to make it feel new. Get a colorful mildew and mold resistant shower curtain, add a luxurious bath mat to the floor and get a new shower base pan. From slim to double threshold styles, a shower pan can make your shower look brand new and give it some added protection and style. For a finishing touch, install a new shower head and faucet fixtures to make your shower feel brand new from top to bottom.

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Refresh your paint

If your bathroom feels tired and dingy, it may just need a simple coat of fresh paint. A crisp coat of white paint can refresh your entire bathroom walls while giving the appearance your bathroom is actually larger than it really is. Choose a paint that holds up to moisture and wipes away grime easily like an eggshell finish. And if going all white isn’t your signature style, paint the wall behind your vanity a bold and bright color to offset the surrounding walls.

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Go basic white

While your mind is on white paint, think basic white for your entire bathroom decor. From shelving to towels and fresh roses, go basic white to brighten up your entire bathroom. Remember to add white pillar candles and paint that shabby-chic frame or vanity chair a crisp white. Get creative and add a white diffuser to fill with relaxing essential oils like lemon, lavender and eucalyptus. Many diffusers also light up in different colors to add a little colorful illumination to your bathroom while in use.

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Draw out the natural light

Natural light envelopes your bathroom in a fresh, welcoming vibe, but isn’t always doable. Your bathroom may only have a small window or face away from optimal sunlight. Maximize what you have by using sheer window treatments or blinds that can easily open and close as needed, suggests Better Homes & Gardens. But you can also enhance the natural light you have by adding a few mirrors and crystals. Place in an area where the natural light you do have is captured and reflected back across your bathroom for a dazzling, sun-drenched look.

Glam up your decor

Refreshing your bathroom look can be as much about new style and aesthetics as it is about crisp, clean touches. Add a glammed-up faux chandelier to your bathroom or dress up your vanity with a velvet cushioned chair. Or shop around for plenty of modern or whimsical framed artwork, perfume bottles and wall decals to instantly transform your bathroom without a lot of time or resources needed.

Whether you opt for a new shower pan or impossibly luxurious decor, refreshing your bathroom can be as easy as it is fun. Make it your next weekend home project and turn your bathroom into your new favorite room in the house. 


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