How to Throw an Amazing Reception at Your House


Some people have weddings at a large church and then follow it up with a reception at a different venue. Some have weddings at a single venue and keep the reception there. Others still decide on a wedding and a reception all at their house.

No matter where you host your wedding and reception, it’s a time of celebration for the union of a couple. It’s also a time to throw an amazing party and thank everyone for showing up to celebrate with you. If you are choosing to throw your wedding and reception at your house, here are some pointers to help you throw an amazing reception that none of your guests will forget.

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Set the right mood for the reception

We’ve all seen it. The wedding blends right into the reception, the party starts, and the next thing you know, the bride is trying to scrub a red cocktail stain out of her beautiful white wedding dress .The biggest thing to remember is that the wedding and the reception are two separate events. To make sure that you have a successful reception, you have to make sure that both you and your guests know that you are switching from the wedding to the reception.

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You can do this by changing your outfit and having dresses for wedding guests on the side, by switching the music to something more upbeat and entertaining, and by moving your guests from the outside to the inside (If you held the wedding ceremony outside, that is). A simple mood change is the simplest way to kick off the reception and get the right vibe going.

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Wow your guests with stunning decorations

Half of the battle of throwing a great reception is the decorations. When you have a reception at a venue that you book, decorations are typically provided or you’re given a bare space that you can decorate at you please. This makes it extremely easy to set up the space for your reception.

When you choose to throw your reception at your house, however, you are limited to the space that you have and you will probably not clear out your belongings in order to make room for other decorations. If you are not great at decorating and you are not sure how to work with your space to make for a great reception, consider hiring interior designers like Karin Ross (of Karin Ross Designs) to decorate the room for an appealing reception.

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Great Food, entertainment, and fun will bring the event together

Like we said at the beginning of the article, a reception is basically a party. Once you’ve gone through the emotional speeches and the beautiful “I do” moment, your guests expect to have fun and enjoy the rest of the day and night. That means that all you need to do is hire a catering company, get a DJ or a live band, and run out to the dance floor with your wedding guests to party the rest of the night away. This is your reception, so make it a blast!

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The truth is, it doesn’t matter where your wedding and reception are held. As long as love and family/friends are cherished and celebrated, that’s all that matters. That being said, throwing a wedding and a reception can be a fun experience, and gathering them at your home is often a cheaper way to do that. If you plan on having your wedding, reception, or both at home, use the tips above to make sure that the experience goes smoothly. Thanks to Karen Ross for consulting with us on this post!


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