Space Saving Homes: 7 Key Ways to Save Space in Your Home


Decluttering is not the only way to save space in your home. Keep reading for space saving homes: 7 key ways to save space in your home.

Are you in a small home where space saving is a huge concern?

If so, you might be at a loss as to how to maintain both utility and the space you need to move around comfortably.

No one likes a cluttered home but you don’t need to cut back on the things you love as much as you’d think.

Read on and we’ll share some excellent space-saving tips that will help you make the most of your home’s limited floorplan.

1. Organize Those Cabinets!

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Many people fail to make optimal use of their cabinets and other built-in storage like linen closets. Saving space in your home is about decluttering as much as it is about getting innovative.

If you’re willing to put in the work then you’ll find that you may have more storage space than you thought. Just open up the cabinets, get rid of everything you don’t need, and make sure that you use the space optimally.

If you want to take things a step further you can even get organizers for both the inside and the door. Just make sure that they’re not banging into shelves and you can turn the back of a cabinets door into even more storage space.

You can buy organizers pre-made or find a surprising array of ideas online if you’re the handy type.

2. Storage in Furniture

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One of the most overlooked tiny living tips is to look to space saving furniture solutions. If your budget allows you’ll be surprised at how much space you can save by picking up ottomans, couches, or even coffee tables that have internal storage.

You don’t have to replace everything. Even a couple of items will help out, an ottoman may have a few extra cubic feet of storage for instance.

In addition to making sure that clutter isn’t lying around and taking up valuable space, these specially-designed pieces can be utilitarian: stick board games in a coffee table, throw blankets in an ottoman, and get set up for a fantastic game night.

3. Hang Your Pots and Pans

Let’s face it, many of us just have way, way too many appliances for our kitchens. The modern world faces us with an array of tempting food prep items that can be hard to turn down.

And then they end up cluttering our kitchen.

Most peoples under-counter cabinets are filled to the brim with pots, pans, and cooking implements.

Why not buy a hanging storage array for them? Or, even better, make one yourself? A few hooks and a couple of pieces of wood from a pallet can make for a unique, rustic display with no advanced woodworking skills required!

By opening up more cabinet space you’ll be able to keep clutter, both real and visual, from taking up a ton of space in the kitchen.

More storage in the kitchen is always a win in the end.

4. Storage Headboards

In smaller living spaces bedrooms often suffer. The usual setup in a smaller home involves a bed and a nightstand or table.

Why not ditch the nightstand and create a functional headboard with storage space?

Those with DIY skills can design drawers and sliders that allow for a super functional piece that looks great. Those who aren’t quite on the handy end of things can still build some pretty awesome pieces by following a design.

Give it a shot, they’re a nice custom touch and many people find them to be invaluable in the end.

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5. Multi-Use Furniture

If you ditch the usual suspects when you’re first filling your apartment then you may be surprised at how many awesome, functional pieces of furniture are available that serve multiple purposes.

Whether it’s a kitchen table that doubles as shelving or a pool dining table these pieces of furniture can make an enormous difference in the utility of your home.

So, when you’re looking to outfit a new apartment or studio you should always keep an eye out for things which have more than one use: they’ll end up saving you a whole lot of space in the end. 

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6. Corner Shelving

Quite often smaller apartments have a lot of tight corners that seem to limit the amount of space you can use. Whether it’s a tiny hallway on the inside of a door into a room or just oddly shaped walls… you can use these to your advantage.

You can buy ready-made shelves for any ninety-degree corner. They usually stick in with minimal damage and allow you to make sure you have more storage space in every corner of the home.

Apart from their obvious utility… they can look quite nifty if you go the extra mile and construct them yourself.

So, when you’re checking out a new living space keep an eye out for any extra space that you can use for storage.

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7. Overhead Storage

If you’ve got higher ceilings than normal then you should look into using the room above you as well.

You can build shelving for storage overhead and either use it for decorations or just things that you don’t need to access all that often. If you’ve been following along then chances are you have enough room somewhere to keep a step ladder handy when you need to get up there.

Don’t let that space go to waste! Finding solutions is as easy as raising your gaze.

Implement These Space Saving Tips Today!

When it comes to space saving techniques these are only a sample. Whether you’re looking to cut down on clutter or just make the most of a tight situation you’re in good hands when you start working actively on the process.

So, sit down and get ready.

Why not start implementing these tips today? Thanks to Gaming Blaze for contributing!!


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