Updating the kids rooms on a budget – 5 simple tips to transform their space


Kids grow so quickly don’t they? If they’re not growing out of their latest pair of shoes they’re bored of their favourite toys and no longer want to watch their favourite TV shows. Kids seemingly grow out of their bedrooms quickly too; running out of space for all their belongings, needing somewhere to use for homework or reading…it’s difficult to keep up and keep within a budget.

With this in mind, I’ve gathered 5 simple tips that will help you transform their bedroom space and keep costs as low as possible. Read on to find out more.

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Don’t neglect the skirting boards

Kids rooms need to be tough; from playing enthusiastically with toys to roughhousing with their siblings, kids bedrooms go through a lot! Skirting boards take a lot of the damage, with them working hard to protect their bedroom walls from bumps, scrapes and scratches. If the skirting boards are starting to look a little dull and tired then you can either freshen them up with a quick lick of paint or get in touch with skirtingsrus for the very latest in skirting board colours and styles.  

Creating a reading nook

Do you have a little bookworm at home? Or perhaps you’re hoping to encourage a little more reading in their day-to-day lives? Creating a reading nook or corner is a simple yet effective way to inspire a love of books and enjoy some much needed quiet time! All you need is a free corner that you can place plenty of cushions in or a bean bag, some good lighting and of course, access to their favourite books. 

Update old furniture

Kids furniture seems to have a much shorter life than the furniture in the rest of the house. Whether it’s covered in crayon or custom stickers, or the drawers have been shut rather enthusiastically too many times, it’s normal for the furniture in their rooms to be in need of some TLC. Instead of purchasing new and expensive items, you can keep within your budget by either browsing for items at your local charity shop, or even upcycling items by painting them yourself and replacing the hardware! 

via Blackband Design

Create a feature wall

You don’t have to be skilled with a paintbrush in order to create a feature wall. Search for wall stickers online or discover templates and stencils that will help you create the effect you want. However, avoid cartoon characters, princesses and superheroes – unless you want to change the décor again in 6 months! 

Frame their artwork

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of all their artwork! From little doodles at home to big art projects they bring home from school – there’s only so much room on the fridge! Instead of storing things out of sight, consider framing your child’s artwork and having it on display in their bedroom. You can make frames out of wood or pick up cheap ones online. Alternatively, you can hang your child’s pictures across the room by string. That way they can change which pictures they want to display.  Thanks to SkirtingBoardsRUs for collaborating!


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