Modern Wardrobe Designs For The Modern Era


Every person has a wardrobe in their home. Wardrobes are helpful for our things to keep. Now the wardrobe can be designed as per your choice. A modern bedroom should have a modern wardrobe. After designing the bedroom, we automatically think about furniture. There is one wall which is for wardrobe. Now people not only a bedroom but also make their wardrobe designable. Wardrobe becomes essential for people. Some compromise functionality to make it attractive. Wardrobe can be small in size or can even make king- size according to your availability of space in your room. If you want a traditional style wardrobe, you can customize it. Some wardrobes also have traditional designs you will get that look without customizing it.

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Some attractive wardrobe designs:

  1. Mirror pattern wardrobe

This wardrobe design is modern and quite trendy. It has two side mirrors on the doors of the wardrobe. This wardrobe doesn’t need more space to set up.

2. Wall-mounted wardrobe

This wardrobe design beautifies your room as well as it takes less space in your room. It has many drawers. It looks elegant and mounted to the wall.

3. Sliding door

This is one of the wardrobe designs but it takes more space to install. It takes useless space in the room. The doors are easy to operate. You can also customize the doors of this wardrobe. You should choose the door wisely as it is hard to install. It is expensive and needs high maintenance. You should carefully before investing it. It gives an urban look to your home. It has wide varieties of materials. It needs more space to install. By changing time, this wardrobe is calling almirah in the previous time, but now it changes. These sliding doors are easy glides to the track.

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4. Freestanding wardrobe

This is a basic wardrobe design. It is available in wood, metal & plastic too. You can use wood wardrobe design if you have a retro type design home. It looks is traditional and inexpensive and also classic. But it also occupies space. You can use movable. If you want a classic style wardrobe, then go for it.

5. Customized wardrobe

This design name itself says customized, that means you can tell what kind of drawers, doors, and shelves you want. The benefit is that you can match with your room accordingly. It can be expensive.

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6. Walk-In wardrobe

It is very luxurious. It takes a lot of space at home. It is costly but if you are planning for a big house then go for it. It can also have a make-up table which will be easier if you are trying out some outfit. Walk-In wardrobes are a benefit for those who have plenty of outfits and shoes or different kinds of materials as it has many cabinets and drawers. It looks trendy and also give you royal look to your room.

7. Hinge door wardrobe

These wardrobe designs are traditional in designs. It has a variety of colours, and it looks simple, and it has a hinged door. It takes more space to open the door, which can become a constraint. These wardrobes are cheaper than sliding wardrobes. It can easily fit in the corners. It is also both in the handle and handle-less design. It is versatile and easily lockable. You can also use the entire wardrobe by opening all the shutters.

8. L-shaped closet

This one is can also be said as corner wardrobes. This can also utilize the corner of the wasted space. It is a new style wardrobe which gives an extra look to your home.

9. Sloped wardrobe

These wardrobe designs are sloping design for ceilings, bedroom under the staircase. This wardrobe can be useful as it fills up the wastage corners and storage.

10. Armoires

Itgives you a vintage look. It is quite cheaper. It gives you an option for storage for drawers, rods, etc.

After bed, then only we think is about wardrobe. Wardrobes are essential furniture for the people after bed; it is the prime furniture. It has many types, and you can also customize your wardrobe as per your choice. Wardrobe can be small in size or can be big as per your needs or also can say how much space you have. If you choose your wardrobe for your home, you should not watch that functionality but also see the styles and colours which should match with your home.

Wardrobe not only wood but also come in metals to and from the time it can also come in plastics. If you are investing in a wardrobe, you should buy those wardrobes which last longer. This furniture is mostly used in your home. You are not the only store your clothes, but you can also store your other stuff too if you have space in your wardrobe. You should also choose good quality if you’re going for wood which will last longer.


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