Clever ways to create more storage without forsaking style


You can never have enough storage space in your home, even if you manage to live by Marie Kondo’s rules. But more storage doesn’t have to mean less style. From traditional storage boxes to innovative design, there are plenty of solutions to help you discover more space in every area of your home.

Living room

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The living room can be the easiest place to add storage without compromising on style. Invest in an ottoman with storage and choose a tufted upholstered box in a jewel tone to add a sophisticated look to your lounge. Velvet fabrics add an opulent touch, with tweed creating a country house feel.

Armchairs with seats that lift-up are great for storing extra throws and pillows, especially during the summer months when extra layers aren’t required.

When thinking of storage in the living room, it might be that extra storage isn’t required, but better methods of displaying items are needed instead. Use the larger – fewer method, and choose larger items to display, but fewer of them. Not only does this declutter the room but helps create a more sophisticated scheme.

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The room that requires the most storage, and often ends up lacking; there are plenty of ways you can introduce clever storage solutions into your kitchen, but still maintain the aesthetic.

Decant cereals, pastas, and grains etc into food containers. Not only will it look great having everything in clear, uniform containers, but it will make storing items that are the same shape and size much easier.

Often an underutilised space is the area above the washing machine. Why not add shelves above to house all laundry essentials. If you haven’t already invested in one, a Victorian-style clothes airer attached to the ceiling on a pulley is a great space-saving solution and looks great no matter the style of the kitchen. Add bunches of dried lavender to the airer to add a French farmhouse feel and help your freshly cleaned clothes smell amazing.


The hallway is the space that sets the tone for your home and depending on the space available can provide some really useful storage solutions. The space under the stairs is often ignored and yet can provide useful storage. Whether you choose the traditional under-stair cupboard; cut out a space to create an office area or reading nook; or go slightly more avant-garde with drawers that are the length of the steps, creating clever storage for shoes, and books; there’s a solution to suit your needs, and home’s style.

Hallway console tables not only offer a practical home for the house phone, letters, and things to remember when leaving the house, but the space underneath works well with large baskets. If you have children, give each child a basket, and pop in hats, gloves and scarves in winter, and sunglasses, sun cream and hats in summer.


The room that often causes the most angst when it comes to storage, having clever storage solutions can actually have a positive impact on the way you sleep. Studies have shown that a tidy bedroom can improve your sleep, so invest in a custom-made fitted wardrobe with Hammonds to ensure all the space is utilised, and any clutter cleverly concealed.

Avoid storing items under the bed to give the illusion of a light and airy space and create a boutique hotel feel with an oversized headboard with sunken lights to free up bedside tables.

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An easy way to add storage, and create a luxe feel in any bathroom is by creating recessed shelving in the walls surrounding the shower and bath.

Use a full-length mirror with shelves behind to store first aid items, spare shampoo, soaps and electrical goods like hair dryers, straighteners and razors. 

via The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn


Regardless of the size of your office space, incorporate floor-to-ceiling shelves. This will increase your storage, and transform your space into a library-esque area. Use rich heritage colours like grey-blues and forest greens alongside brass fittings to add to the aesthetics.

Whatever storage solutions you choose take time to think about what you want to store and how often you need to access the items, as this will ultimately impact the type of storage needed.


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