Standing desk versus traditional desk: you don’t have to choose!


When standing desks became the rage, I considered one, but I knew I couldn’t stand for 8 hours a day. Healthy living is very important to me, but I also need to have a very steady hand sometimes as a web designer getting my designs pixel perfect. So for awhile, I forgot about standing desks since it just wasn’t practical for me.

A Standing Desk Converter

Enter the standing desk converter. I was aware of their existence but hadn’t really put in the time to research them. Luckily, the folks over at AnthroDesk contacted me to see if I would like to test out one of their Standing Desk Converters! Back in February I had tried out their ErgoSlant Anti-Fatigue Mat, and it is still going strong. You can see my review of the ErogSlant here. The standing desk converter could not be easier to switch between sitting to standing because it is gas spring assisted. You literally just squeeze a handle under the platform, and enjoy the health benefits of sitting less and standing more.

The AnthroDesk: ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter – Extra WideT

Undoubtedly my favorite part about the converter is how easy it is to switch from standing to sitting, and that it is wide enough for even two monitors, which means it was wide enough for my iMac.

Just a squeeze of the handle takes your whole workstation from sitting to standing.

You also don’t have to worry about your keyboard or mouse because there is a tray that holds them. Probably my only tweak would be to make the tray a little bit deeper. I also would highly recommend the ErgoSlant Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Ergonomic Comfort Floor Mat unless you have a thickly carpeted floor, otherwise you might deal with some soreness.

Thanks to the folks at AnthroDesk for providing me with a standing desk converter in exchange for a review.


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