Work at a standing desk? Stand a lot at work or home? Get an ErgoSlant Anti-Fatigue Mat


Reduce Fatigue at your Standing Desk

I only sit at my desk 2 days a week.  The rest of the time I am taking care of my little ones or running around town doing errands. When we’re at home and the boys are occupied, I am often at our breakfast bar with my laptop and planner, scheduling events and answering emails.  We are a “no-shoes” house, and I find that on days where I’m standing at the bar my heels and back start to really get sore.  I especially feel it at the end of the day when I’m laying down to go to sleep.  Enter the ErgoSlant Anti-Fatigue Mat ErgoSlant Anti-Fatigue Mat Standing during the day works for me because my kiddos rarely let me sit for more than 5 minutes, so I can easily get whatever it is they need a lot more easily than if I were sitting.  Even though the mat has a 2-inch incline (or decline, depending on your preference), that doesn’t hinder my ability to run off at a moment’s notice to stop my 3-year-old from tattooing my 1-year-old’s face with magic markers. ErgoSlant Anti-Fatigue Mat I can tell the quality of this mat is really good.  It almost feels like memory foam, but is light weight, and doesn’t indent. ErgoSlant Anti-Fatigue Mat I am either barefoot or in slippers in the house, but the incline of the mat is especially great if you wear heeled shoes.  It allows your body to naturally align in a more ergonomic way to improve posture and relieve pressure points. If you really want to do your body good, make sure you optimize your standing desk and you can watch your productivity and energy improve along with your posture and well-being.  AnthroDesk: Standing Desk in the US  is a great resource for information and products to help you achieve the perfect workspace. Now…let’s enjoy some standing desk eye candy… and thanks to AnthroDesk for providing the ErgoMat for review! home office standing deskvia decoist home office standing desk via Thouswell home office standing desk via My Domain


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