5 Tips to Help Keep Your Home Winter-Ready


The colder days make us start want to huddle around the fire and hibernate. Is your home up to snuff for keeping you and your family cozy for the rest of the winter? We selected some tips to help you, right now, make some adaptations and enjoy the cold. Ready?

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Soft rugs!

It’s impossible to think about winter and not to consider the use of cute rugs all over the house, right? And the option is even an excellent tip to prepare the house for colder days. The use of soft carpets can be adhered in various areas of the house, in common areas and not just in the bedrooms.

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Strategic fabrics for curtains

The choice of the curtain can also be strategic to prepare the house in winter. Opting for full-bodied fabrics is the best choice. Thicker fabric curtains and darker colors are good for winter as they protect the interior from wind and drafts. One suggestion is brocade or velvet curtains, which can still be combined with lighter fabrics.

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Wallpaper as a focal point

To bring even more the feel of a cozy atmosphere, one idea is to wallpaper an accent wall. Try a wallpaper with texture of sheen to add a luxe feel. Try darker shades or bold patterns, providing it doesn’t make your space look to busy.

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Warm colors help at this time of year

Did you know that to prepare the house in winter, the dark colors convey the feeling of closeness and warmth? The tip is to select at least one wall with a warm or earthy color, such as marsala, shades of brown, burnt yellow, aged pink … If painting is out of the question, invest in a painting that refers to the sensation of heat or even in other decorative pieces such as cushions, blankets or curtains.

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Beautiful fireplace

In regions where the cold is really intense, a fireplace in the house are a great choice. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can find electric fireplaces in a wide variety of price points and design. In addition to being beautiful, they provide warmth and a cozy place to spend cold evenings!

winter interiors

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House cleaning in winter

Cleaning the closets

As a first step to prepare for winter, most of us take out our winter clothes. Give them time to air out before storing them in the closet. Summer clothing can be stored in hard-to-reach places, such as the tallest shelves, and winter clothing put front and center. Get in touch with Paul’s Rubbish Removal Sydney to remove any wastage stored in the process of cleaning.

Don’t forget your shoes

For shoes, in cold weather, remove all that are in cardboard boxes, as this material accumulates mites and fungi. As an organizing option, you can store them in specific organizers or packaging for garments, so as not to accumulate any type of fungus.

Keep the moisture out

Wardrobes and closets also need attention with regard to humidity. Remove the clothes from the cabinet and thoroughly clean all the drawers and shelves with a cloth dampened with a solution of 1 liter of water with 4 tablespoons of white vinegar.

Pay attention to the layout of the furniture

If your furniture is close to or leaning against the walls on cold days, the tendency is to transmit moisture. Pull back slightly beds, sofas or other furniture from the walls that receive moisture.

Did you see how easy it is to prepare the house in winter? Practical tips and tricks can make the difference to create a cozy atmosphere while keeping the décor flawless. Of course, without spending much on great inventions. So get to work and prepare a warm house with amazing items! Thanks to Paul’s Rubbish Removal for collaborating with us.


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