A post home renovation MUST HAVE


As some of you might remember, hubby and I remodeled our home while I was pregnant with our first son, Leo (now 3 1/2!!).  I was staying with my parents while my husband ripped up lots of old flooring and installed new. The project just kept snowballing to a point where I thought we would need some sort of project management software for construction industry. We had testing done for lead and asbestos. But as you can imagine, even after a thorough cleaning, we were still dealing with A LOT of dust.

In comes the Blue Air Sense purifier.  And count on the Swedes to make an amazingly minimalist, beautiful, and effective product. And this beauty packs a punch when it comes to filtering your air.  Dust gives me a lot of allergy-like symptoms, and within 20-minutes of running our Sense purifies my symptoms were almost completely eliminated.

Blue Air sense

The Sense is even fun to use.

It has a beautiful black glass top which you wave your hand over to activate.  It lights up to let you know what setting it’s on and when the filter needs changing.

Blue Air Sense

This machine is also extremely quiet.

The filters are expensive, but they seem to last us a pretty long time even with daily use.  We use it primarily in our bedroom. However, depending on how bad my allergies are, I will move it in my office or the living room if I’m spending a lot of time there.

Now that I have a 1 and 3 year-old it also gives me piece of mind. Purifying our air means that they’re getting less exposure to any toxins carried in the dust.  This machine is a bit of an investment. With a lot of lower-end air purifiers I never notice any difference and always wonder if they are really making a difference.  With the Blue Air Sense I can feel and enjoy the difference.  You can see and read all the details here.  I received a Blue Air Sense as a sample – thanks to Blue Air!


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