5 Tips for Amazing Firepit & Fireplace Décor


Fall is here, and before we know it we’ll be headed into winter! Of course, the colder fall and winter months mean more time around the fireplace or firepit, and that means it’s a good idea to think about how well your firepit/fireplace is doing and what kind of condition it is in.

If it has been a while since you did anything with your fireplace/firepit, why not try a few renovations? Whether you’re talking about a backyard firepit or a living room fireplace, a little careful planning can turn an old, uninspired-looking fireplace into a fashionably warm, bright, and cheerful space.

Best of all, a redecorated firepit is the perfect area in which to entertain guests. And on that note, here are 5 tips for amazing, attractive firepit and fireplace décor.

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1). Try for a Match With the Seating

First things first, think about the aesthetics of a fireplace or fire pits, and how the overall appearance matches with the seating. Try for compatible colors – ideally, in the same color family.  

A key thing to understand is that the right firepit will serve as an aesthetic focus in your backyard. According to Home & Patio, a seller of fire pits in Houston, “The right firepit adds charm, elegance, and grace to your backyard or living room, and is every bit as much an artistic object as a practical and functional one.”

This doesn’t have to be terribly difficult or expensive. A backyard firepit can benefit from the addition of a few butterfly chairs.

Some people like a rustic feel to their hearth of choice, while others prefer a more modern feel. Understand the aesthetic you are going for, and buy or change seating accordingly.

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2). Think About Making It Cozy

People like to get cozy around firepits and fireplaces, so add seating and cushions accordingly. Seating nooks are particularly cozy wherever they are, so position a few near your backyard firepit or fireplace and you are set.

Some design styles are also inherently cozy. For example, try rustic wooden furniture, paired with pillows and sheepskin throws.

Enclosed fireplaces and firepits are another option. Bring the seating in close, and you will have the perfect setup for a cozy evening.

3). Accessorize It

We’ve talked before about updating your fireplace’s look, and accessories are one of the best ways to do that – whether for a fireplace or a firepit.

For a firepit, think about a cover or grate, or add items in the general area – small tables for beverages, maybe some candles or lamps to add to the cozy look.

If you have a fireplace, try a screen or a new set of fireplace doors. You’d be surprised at how the right accessories can have your fireplace looking like a whole new thing.

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4). Take Into Account the Surrounding Area and Floor

The surrounding area and the floor can really add to the overall look and feel of a firepit or fireplace. Think about how you can redecorate this area – whether an indoor room or an outdoor patio – to contribute to the overall dynamic and ambience.

For a fireplace indoors, think about not only seating, but also carpeting, rugs, and wall décor. Heavy, thick rugs with interesting designs can add to a sense of luxury and coziness. Choose pictures for the walls that will contribute to this feeling as well.

For a firepit outdoors, think about adding some tile. This is one of the best ways to transform a space around a firepit, and contributes to the overall aesthetic.

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5). Take Available Area into Account

The size of the area you are working with matters too, and it is a good idea to incorporate it into your overall strategic thinking.

If you are working with a small living room, design things to be cozy and take advantage of the economy of space. Maybe a round stone fire pit, one which could be the perfect place to rest drinks?

On the other hand, if you have a firepit out in a large backyard, you may want to design a scenic backdrop. Perhaps some ornamental shrubs or trees to provide cover from the elements and provide visual interest?

With larger spaces, the key challenge may be to use the space in a way that channels people toward the firepit or fireplace. Think about scenic backdrop as well as how you arrange the seating.


Whether you have a small fireplace indoors or a massive firepit in a spacious backyard, there are some important design principles which can help you to optimize how you decorate for your own enjoyment as well as the comfort of your guests.

What all 5 of the tips discussed here have in common is a sense of strategic thinking about aesthetics and/or comfort. With luck, they will help you think about how to best optimize your firepit or fireplace as you redecorate. Thanks to Houston Home & Patio for collaborating!


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