Autumn is here! Fireplace decorating ideas


Fall is officially here. Though I would pick warm weather over cold weather any day, I still think fall is my favorite season. I love a fireplace, a chunky knit throw, and just the general “coziness” of the season. So I thought it’d be a good time to bring on the fall decorating inspiration!

Try holding on to a little bit of nature even when it’s receding outside, by decorating the mantel with display boxes of interesting branches, pods, and other natural objects.
via BHG

via Good Housekeeping

I really like the dramatic look of branches in a vase.
via Home Life

We have a wood burning insert, a pellet stove, and an electric fireplace in our house. Between the three of them they really keep the place cozy. I have to say the electric fireplace is the easiest to keep clean – no ashes!

I like the look of bookshelves framing a fireplace. Just add a chaise and or a comfy chair and you have a reading nook.

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