Fall decorating ideas


Beautiful fall porch decorating ideas

I’m a sucker for a beautifully decorated porch or container garden. I though Friday would be a good time to share these ideas with you incase you were looking for a weekend activity.

I love this swing and the cozy tartan blanket. I’d go out there in the morning with my coffee and baby son and we’d read.
via Country Living

A burlap sack filled with flowers is a unique way to decorate your door.
via Country Living

Kale and pumpkins make a pretty pairing in this container garden.
Unique by Design Landscaping

Another pretty container garden – I love all the layers.
Unique by Design Landscaping

If you like a brighter look, a blue door with a painted magnolia leaf wreath makes for a cheerful welcome.
via Country Living

If you’re into more is more – stacks of pumpkins and lanterns stuffed with string lights is an attention getter.
via Pinterest via ?

How do you decorate your porch for fall?


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