Why should you consider getting a single bowl, undermount sink for your kitchen?


The proverbial debate for those who spend considerable time thinking about kitchen remodeling and sinks – is a single bowl kitchen sink better than a double bowl sink? There is no easy answer to that question.

Homes of larger families or homeowners who entertain large crowds frequently swear by larger double bowl kitchen sinks. Modern apartments with smaller kitchens prefer slim and angular single bowl kitchen sink designs. It all boils down to the convenience of the users and the frequency of use of the sink.

Since most modern homes are smaller than the 90s family houses, and the apartments barely have enough space for a “pet” succulent by the window, it is no wonder that most occupants prefer the slimmer and sleeker single bowl sink in stainless steel over double bowl sinks. The single bowl might pose some initial inconvenience for the old-school folks, who feel comfortable working on double-bowl kitchen sinks. However, when you think about the other amenities the home already packs – like an automated dishwasher cum drier, it becomes easy to understand why people prefer single bowl undermount sinks. 

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Is undermount single bowl the favorite of every interior designer?

It is evident that single bowl sinks are the star of the moment. Most homeowners remodeling their kitchen are investing in single bowl sinks over the traditional double bowl. According to the leading interior décor companies, their clients prefer a separate large bowl. Most of these companies have not installed even one double bowl sink in recent months at all!

Additionally, a majority of the sinks they have installed are undermount. It appears as if the days of top-mount and drainboard sinks are just over. The undermount kitchen sinks not only take up lesser space, but they look trendier and sleeker than any top-mount design. Complete with more than one installation styles, the undermount kitchen sink is preferable for smaller kitchens that most modern apartments have.

With proper expert installation, undermount kitchen sinks can last decades. They are a smart investment on the part of any homeowner, which adds to the property value of their house or apartment.

Why should you consider undermount single bowl sinks?

More space for soaking dirty dishes

The first reason you should consider undermount single bowl sinks is because it will save you considerable counter space. At first glimpse, a modern undermount kitchen sink is trickier to install as compared to top-mount sinks. The former offers more countertop space since its edges sit under the cutout and do not take up any counter space whatsoever.

Moreover, with a single bowl sink, you will get enough space to clean large utensils like a lobster pot or a family-sized baking tray. There are no dividers which make the available “storage” space inside the sink quite impressive. If you don’t have the habit of cleaning as you go, you will appreciate this space since you can easily stack your dirty pots and pans in it while making more working space on the counter.


Temporary dish basin for hot and cold compartments

If you want to create separate sections of hot and cold water inside your sink bowl temporarily, you can always use a dish basin. It creates the perfect workspace until you need both hot and cold water. You can quickly drain and wash the temporary dish basin and stow it away, once your work is complete. Most importantly, single bowl, undermount sinks come with flexible faucet installation options. undermount sinks don’t have particular faucet installation holes, and you need to cut out your countertop to make space for a faucet.

At the same time, single bowl sinks are much cheaper than the double bowl sinks, even when you are looking at undermount installation options. Although you may not have the area necessary to separate clean and dirty dishes, the larger bowl can provide enough working space for even the messiest worker in the kitchen.


Easy garbage disposal and cleaning

Garbage disposal with double bowl sinks is always a challenge. Only one side has the feature, which means you have to manually scoop out debris from the other side each time before and after use unless you want to block the pipeline. Single bowl sinks, even the undermount ones, feature a single central garbage disposal making matters much easier for the housekeeper.

In the case of double bowl sinks, neither side is big enough for soaking pots and pans. Or, at least, that is what most double sink users from the 21st century complain about frequently. As a result, there is always one side of the sink that is never under use. Having a double bowl undermount sink is just overkill! It is equivalent of having two small single bowl sinks without the flexibility or volume of an original single bowl.

The impetus to never procrastinate

You might not believe us right now, but the modern single bowl sinks provide every procrastinator with the incentive to finish the job they started in the first place. If you hate doing your dishes regularly, a single bowl undermount sink will teach you to just get through with the job before you start prepping for another round of meals. Firstly, undermount sinks are not best friends of hoarders and procrastinators. These sinks will provide you with enough motivation to clean up as you go through your day.


Boosts the aesthetics of any kitchen

Believe it or not, choosing an undermount single bowl stainless steel sink can enhance the aesthetics of any kitchen. Do you have a modern galleria kitchen with an all-metal finish? Or, an open style country kitchen with lots of traditional tiling? No matter which kitchen style you have, your single bowl sink with a flush finish and sharp angles can add a new personality to the space around it. You can add modern faucet cum spouts in a metal finish to complement the perfect interior of your modern 21st century home!

Modern kitchens deserve undermount sinks with a single bowl that not only makes the space look a lot cooler, but also provides ample working space no matter how many people are preparing dinner. Thanks to Kraus for contributing!


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