Five Gardening Mistakes You Might Be Making


Gardening may look simple; something everyone can do. However, some tricks and techniques make you successful gardening. If you do not know these tips, you may have been making inevitable mistakes. Here some common gardening mistakes that you should avoid.

Watering your plants too much

It is common knowledge that plants need water to survive. But the amount of water they need depends on the plant you grow. Some plants require a lot of water while others need very little water. In the general sense, over watering your plants can cause the root to rot. If you plant in a waterlogged area, you don’t need to water your plant constantly. If you don’t know the water requirements of the plant you are growing, talk to an expert. Hence watering your plant depends on two factors; the type of plant and the type of soil you are growing the plants on.

Shallow watering is also worth mentioning. Some gardeners also water the branches of the plant, and the water does not get to the roots. This means that you have watered your plants alright, but they did not get adequate water. Learn more here and point your water source to the roots of the plant to avoid this problem.

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Growing plants too close to each other

Growing plants rather close to each other may look attractive, but they don’t help your plants grow. The plants will end up fighting for the soil nutrients and water since they are close to each other. This results in unhealthy looking plants. Also, the plants need space to grow. Some of them have extensive roots and branches. If there is very little space, they will be crowded in one place. To ensure that they get the right amount of nutrients, allow an appreciable space between the plants.

Over-fertilizing your plants

Some people tend to use a lot of fertilizer since they know it is good for the plant. Unfortunately, using too much of it can kill them. Check the right proportions before applying the fertilizer on the plant.

Not considering the season

Seasons play a significant role in the growth of plants. In the tropical areas, you can make up for the dry seasons by watering your garden. However, in regions where it frosts, you need to factor the season into your gardening schedule. The frosts can kill your young plants. To avoid this, listen to what other experienced gardeners have to say about suitable plants for seasons.

Not considering the sun

There are shade loving and sun-loving plants. Sometimes, we purchase seeds just based on how they look. Forgetting that a plant that loves sunlight will die if planted in the shade. Before you buy certain seeds or plants, talk to an expert. Describe the nature of your garden area. They will recommend the best plants for the garden.

Avoid these mistakes and watch your plants flourish. You don’t need to learn the hard way when there is a wealth of information to ensure that you do the right thing. Thanks to State Fencing for collaborating!


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