5 ways to create a relaxing space in a small bathroom


With the added demand on space, our homes have been shrinking in size for some time. In fact, the average UK family home is now the smallest it’s been since records began. This has meant designers have had to come up with creative ways to fit things into smaller spaces.

The average British bathroom measures somewhere around 2.5 metres x 2.5 metres, which would only just about give you the same amount of floor space as two king size beds. So it is hardly surprising that we all have to think on our feet a little when buying bathroom suites for small spaces.

Luckily, we’ve done all the big thinking for you, so you can create a relaxing space, even in the smallest of bathrooms.

  1. Enjoy bathing and showering

With a small bathroom, you will most likely have to choose between a bath and a shower enclosure. If your bathroom is shared with other family members, it may mean having to meet their needs too. For example, if you enjoy a quick shower in the morning but your children need their evening bath time, a compromise is required.

Luckily, there is an easy solution, in the form of the multi-functional shower bath. By simply adding a shower screen to your existing bath, you can create a tub that works for everyone. Many baths come in compact sizes, from as short as 1.5 metres in some cases, to fit tiny bathrooms.

  • Go small with your storage

You simply cannot lie back and relax when your bathroom is drowning in clutter, which is why storage is so important. These days, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing bathroom furniture for small spaces.

One space-saving tip, which may not always be obvious, is to choose a vanity unit over a pedestal basin. Complete with a cupboard or drawers, it’ll provide a neat place in which to conceal toiletries, the children’s toys and even those all-important spare towels. You’ll find plenty of vanities designed for cloakrooms or smaller bathrooms, so there’s no need to cram a large unit into a tight space.

  • Select doors wisely

If you’re looking to add a shower enclosure to your bathroom, it certainly pays to think about the type of door it contains. Getting in and out of your shower enclosure shouldn’t be difficult but hinged or pivot doors, which swing outwards, can sometimes be obstructed in tight spaces.

The best options for small bathrooms are sliding doors, which use existing space inside the shower enclosure, and are usually found on quadrant shower enclosures. The other option is a bifold door which concertinas inwards, making clever use of space.

The same logic applies to shower screens. If you don’t have the room to spare, pick a folding screen rather than one that simply swings or pivots.

  • Turn corners to your advantage

Sometimes the most awkward part of your bathroom can be the corners. Unless you’re adding a bath or shower enclosure, corners can often become dead space, with no specific use.

If you really are short on wall space, keep an eye out for corner fitting ceramics like basins and toilets. This may give you more room for furniture, towel heaters and even a bath or shower, giving your bathroom a more relaxing and luxurious feel.

  • Combine elements

Another quick and easy way to save on space is to combine elements in your bathroom. Shower baths or vanity units are the most obvious combinations, however you can find combination toilet and basin units, which fit snugly against your wall. Many wall hung mirror cabinets also come with lighting, whilst fitted furniture is a great way to create a seamless storage area, complete with continuous worktop.

With some common sense and forward planning, you can easily turn your small bathroom into a relaxing and luxurious space. Thanks to Victoria Plum for contributing!


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