Perfect bedrooms for summer


Ahhh. Summer. How I love rolling up the rugs and enjoying bare feet on smooth wood floors. Summer not only invites a lightening of the spirit, but it also invokes the desire to lighten up your rooms from throw pillows, rugs, layers of blankets, and heavy drapery.

Design by Melanie Gowen

My favorite room to freshen up in the summer is actually the bedroom. I LOVE sleeping with the windows open and just having a sheet and light blanket. Even better if you can swap out your thick winter curtains for thin and airy summer ones that flow in the breeze.

I pack up my flannel sheets and down comforter and swap in linen or organic cotton sheets for the summer. My go-to store these days for affordable sheets and other linens is Wayfair. And, being that I’m so picky, I need A LOT of selection to choose from.

Design by Melanie Gowen

Simplify for Summer

One unexpected way you can freshen up the bedroom for summer is to pare down on visual clutter. Swap out textures and patterns for solid color bedding, and go for smoother textures, which stay cooler.

Design by Jenny Keenan Design

Simplifying could also mean sticking with a monochromatic color scheme, like the bedroom in blues above. Worried about the room being too staid? Make a statement like the bold bed skirt above.

Design by Jenny Keenan Design

Even though the blinds in this room are busy, the stark white walls, crisp white sheets, and bare floor really say summer to me.

Design by Jenny Keenan Design

The bedroom above might be a bit heavier on patterns than the prior photos, but to me the chrome bed frame is what actually keeps this room feeling summery. It reflects light and literally feels light. Thanks to Wikibuy for collaborating!

Do you do anything to your house to bring in the summer?


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