Bring your interiors to life with wallpaper


Wallpaper can elevate your room to the next level

I have yet to actually use wallpaper in any room of my home, but considering the options out there these days, I would like to try it in my next home. Wallpaper is so much more than the stuffy patterns and colors of the past. Wallpaper today can be bold, modern, textural, quiet, fun…whatever you want for the aesthetic of your room.

Palm is having a major moment. I want a palm bathing suit…and palm throw pillows…and this palm wallpaper from Wallpaper from the 70s. It has to be a really good quality graphic with vibrant colors. The wallpaper in the photo above fits the bill perfectly. For a large and bold print like the one above, I would get my feet wet by trying it in a smaller space like a powder room or hallway. It isn’t hard to find wallpaper these day, but make sure you find a source that is good quality and easy to install.

The wallpaper in the room above is so whimsical, and perfect for an accent wall. It would be darling in a kid’s room or a cute boutique. Also be sure that the source of your wallpaper provides good installation instructions so your finished project looks as good as possible and lasts as long as possible.

Wallpaper styles for everyone

Want an artistic, botanical pattern? There are so many to choose from! And like palms, florals are having a MAJOR moment now – especially if you are into big, bold, colorful florals. I think the bird pattern below is really precious and would be perfect for a country dining room or a naturalist’s library.

Want something really unexpected? The vintage illustration style of the cloudy sky below almost looks abstract. And in the laundry room? What an unexpected treat when folding and sorting!

The colorful, painterly dots in the wallpaper below would be perfect for kid or even a sophisticated adult. And it lends itself to many different decor styles.

Want to add some visual interest to your walls without any color or distracting patterns? The subtle geometric monochrome paper in this staircase adds texture and depth, but doesn’t steal the scene.

Do you use wallpaper in your home or would you consider it? Let us know in the comments! Thanks to Wallpaper from the 70s assistance writing this post! All photos were found on the Wallpaper from the 70s website.


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