7 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Child-Friendly


There are so many dangers in the kitchen that can lead to occurrence of accidents. Since the major role of any sweet mom is to protect their kids, the first and major steps is ensuring that you kitchen is child- friendly. The following are thus some of the tips and tricks to ensure that your kitchen is safer for kids:

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Avoid using Tablecloths

Tablecloths are a great idea for both your kitchen and your dining hall. But on the contrary, the can lead to occurrence of accidents. Kids might accidentally pull on the end of the tablecloth which can lead to falling of sharp or glass objects. This includes knives or glasses. And when glasses fall they might break into pieces which might injure your lovely kid. To avoid this, you can use decorative placemats or less dangerous setting.

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Install cabinet locks

This is especially on the lower drawers that can be accessed easily by kids. Be sure to install childproof locks to prevent your kids from accessing sharp objects or anything dangerous that might hurt them. If your cabinet is not lockable, try as much as possible to keep sharp objects on the upper drawer.

Be cautious while cooking

It is obvious that kids love playing. Sometimes they might come running towards the kitchen when you least expect them. So, avoid keeping hot liquids or food on the floor. To be on the safe side, keep them out of reach of children. Burns are very dangerous and can be more painful plus they are known to cause permanent marks on the body.

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Make your floor less slippery

Most of the accidents that occur in our home today are usually as a result of slippery floors. Slippery floors are very dangerous and can lead to death or other more serious conditions. This includes broken ribs, legs, arms or other internal injuries. Kitchen & Stone renovations in Sydney is thus important. Replace your floor with a less slippery one. And in case, there are some spills on the floor, wipe them out quickly. You can also lay non-skid rugs on the floor to prevent falls.

Keep sharp objects out of reach

As I said earlier, sharp objects are usually very dangerous and can cause deep cuts. Store them on the upper cabinet or lock them in a lockable cabinet. This helps to increase your kids safely in the kitchen area. In addition to that, keep away matches and other lighters at a safer place. Kids might try using them which can lead to fires.

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Switch off electric appliances after use

This includes blenders, coffee makers, food processors or toasters. Switch then off and cover the cords with plastics. Also make sure that all the other electrical outlets around the kitchen area are covered with safety plugs.

Dedicate a drawer to kid’s dishes

This is another helpful tip that ensures your kitchen remains child friendly. Simply set aside a drawer to keep kids dishes. This will prevent the possibility of your kid accessing dangerous objects like sharp knives.

The above are some of the tips to make your kitchen child friendly. Keeping sharp objects away, keeping kids informed, making your floor less slippery and installing cabinet locks ensures that your kitchen is safe.


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