Valentine gifts for your sweetheart that will also make your home beautiful


Whether you love Valentine’s day or hate it, there comes a time in everyone’s life where you’re in a relationship where a gift is expected.

On a new note, instead of gifting usual flowers and chocolates, go for something that they might use or has a witty side to make your partner smile. While for girls there are a plethora of options, for boys it gets a little trickier than that. So, here we are enlisting a few gifts that you can give to your boyfriend to make-up after the fight:

valentines gift

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Personalized Home Essentials

Nothing says special like personalized home essentials, like towels, blankets, or decorative items. With customized presents, you’re 100 percent sure that your gift is one of a kind and specially made for your significant other. Besides, personalized home essentials can add a touch of luxe and charm to any home.

valentines gift

Apology Pad

If you are one of those couples that don’t go a few days after a fight, this pad will be very useful for you. Just write your heartfelt apology on this pad. It has some pre-listed reasons for your behaviour and you could just tick it off to explain your side to your boyfriend. Easier for you to say and easier for you to understand.

valentines gift

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valentines gift

Romantic Mug

What better way to start a lazy Sunday morning than sharing coffee with your boyfriend or hubby with a romantic mug.  With this sentimental gift for husband, every coffee thereafter can be a reminder of how you feel about each other.

valentines gift

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Superman Goodies

Remind him that no matter what comes in the way, he will always be your hero, nay, superhero. He is the Superman of your life and you treasure him the most.

valentines gift

A First Edition of his favorite book

If he is a book lover, get an early edition of one of his favorite books. Every time he opens the book he will be reminded of how much you love him and how well you know him, creating a closer bond.

valentines gift

Wireless Earbuds

This one is a no-brainer.  Nobody likes having to constantly untangle headphone cords and when he’s doing something like working out or working at his desk he’ll appreciate not having to worry about snagging the cords.

valentines gift

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Stylish Coasters

If your sweetheart is anything like mine, he has a budding love for craft beers. If you are anything like me, you have a coffee table you’d rather not see riddled with glass rings.

Not only “just because”, these could also be pretty great valentine gifts too. The day of love is arriving soon. So gear up and do tell us what did you gift to your boyfriend or hubby for the big day. Thanks to floweraura for collaborating!


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