5 Electrical Safety Advice for Kids and Parents


Electricity is considered as an integral part of our everyday life but it can also be dangerous for us and our kids if we are not careful while handling the electrical system in a proper manner. Failure to follow safety measures while dealing with electrical equipment’s, appliances and electrical wiring can cause fire, accidents, wounds and other unavoidable circumstances.

Therefore it is very important to know about electrical safety advice for kids and parents so that you can ensure the safety of your kids at home. There are a large number of kids who become the victim of fire related injuries and accidents but when you know the electrical safety advice, you can avoid these types of fatal injuries easily.

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As a parent you need to instruct your kids to be safe when around electricity and take preventive measures for avoiding electric shock as it can be very dangerous and painful. Here are 5 electrical safety advice for kids and parents that you need to know:

Keep electrical appliance away from water

Since water is a good conductor of electricity, it also poses a risk of causing shock or accidents to human beings. Touching electrical appliance with wet hands can lead to electrical shock and hence it is important to wipe up any water spills so that you or your kids do not face any kind of dangers.

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Avoid pulling plugs from the cords

If you want to unplug any appliance or equipment’s, you should never do it by pulling the cord as it will be dangerous as it exposes the electrical components while causing shock as well as fire hazards. Therefore you need to teach the kids never to pull the plugs from the cord so that they can prevent hazardous situations from taking place at your home.

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Secure electrical outlets

Electrical outlets are the major cause of accidents among young kids as they might put their fingers inside the outlets without you noticing it. Therefore it is very important that you cover and secure the electrical outlets so that it will not be used by kids for experimenting with electricity. Get in touch with professionals like Gordon Powers Electricians in Australia to properly secure your electrical outlets.

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Keep appliance out of kid’s reach

You should always make sure that electrical appliances are out of reach of your children or you should hide them away from the eyes of kids so that they don’t pose a danger for you and themselves. This is a crucial electrical safety measure that you need to undertake because electrical appliances are the major cause of accidents and fire hazards at home.

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Repair or replace damaged power cords

Exposed wiring can be very dangerous for your life and home which should never be overlooked and if the power cords have been damaged then you should get it repaired or replaced for minimizing any risks. You also need to use electrical take for covering the wire if it has been stripped away so that there will be a protective coating that will protect you from fire hazards.



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