5 Tips for Remodeling a Small Kitchen


Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home. It’s the place where everyone comes together to cook, enjoy a good meal, and create family memories. It only makes sense that you want this room to be as beautiful as it can be, but what do you do if your kitchen is small?

Small kitchens deserve as much love as possible, so here we have compiled some of the best tips for remodeling a small kitchen.

small kitchen tips

Get rid of your overhead cabinets

The key to making a small kitchen look bigger is opening up your space. This is easy to do when you remove your overhead cabinets and replace them with a more space-saving solution like built-in shelving, extended pull-out drawers, or storage carts. These storage ideas are easy to create and move around, so you can customize them to your exact needs. Besides, when was the last time you actually reached all the way into those cabinets and utilized them to the best of their ability?

small kitchen tips

See through your decorations

When you have limited space, you’ll need to think up creative ways of expanding your space. You can expand your small kitchen by installing see-through doors and windows in your cabinets and appliances. Doing so will bring a feeling of spaciousness and an airy vibe to the room, and it will add more light to your kitchen, causing any visitor’s eyes to move around the room. Plus this gives you a good reason to put those pretty plates and serving ware on display!

Along side focusing on the aesthetics of the kitchen you will also want to do a few things to ensure your kitchen is secure and ready for the winter. This can include a variation of things such as ensuring your heating is working and your drains and gutters are prepared for the colder months. Snow can frost can always cause damage. The last thing you will want is any types of leakages. You can find more information on this here: https://www.edwardsenterprisescc.com/repair/home-preparations-to-make-before-winter/. Once you’re on top of those winter essentials we can talk about lighting.”

small kitchen tips

Invest in your lighting

Typical kitchen fluorescent light bulbs cast a bluish light, which can make any room feel stuffy and cramped. So not only do you want to play with your lighting fixtures, but also make sure to change out those light bulbs too. Consider adding lighting in unique areas to bring a softer glow to your room; sconces on each side of your major appliance, low-hanging light fixtures, and stand up lamps in the corners. Don’t be afraid to play with your light, because you want to make your kitchen as cozy as can be.

small kitchen ideas

Focus on your floor

This is a tip for those budget remodelers out there — focus on your flooring. Usually, the first thing people notice about a room is the quality of the floor. So make your kitchen floor pack a punch by investing in the floor if you can’t invest in anything else. Smaller kitchens look great with patterned tile or linoleum floors and when you have the floor serving as the accent, you won’t have to worry much about the rest of your interior decorating.

small kitchen ideas

Add an undermount sink

A caveat of a small kitchen is the lack of counter space. One way you can bypass this is to consider adding an undermount sink, which is a sink that is raised up and placed on top of the counter, rather than installed to be level with the counter. Having one of these will give you precious inches (or even feet) of counter space, ensuring you have utilized every single inch of your kitchen. Plus, undermount sinks are pretty unusual additions, so you’ll be sure to gain some admirers with this choice.

When you are choosing to remodel any part of your home, it is best to work with one of the best remodeling companies in Northern Virginia. You shouldn’t feel limited to your interior decorating potential simply because of the size of your kitchen, so use these tips to make the best part of your home come alive and welcome visitors of all kinds. So have fun, and get to remodeling!

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