Planning a big move – Steps that you should take way ahead of time


There are very few things which inspire more stress, dread and panic than the thought of planning and executing a move, particularly when it is to a new state or city. If you and your spouse have had the habit of moving to different countries or states (as per your job requirements), you will know the pangs associated with moving. The process of moving is always replete with excitement, adventure, expectations and stress because after all it is going to be a new beginning.

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Let along moving in between countries, if you’re just moving to a new apartment in Toronto, this too can get expensive and stressful without the help of a movers Toronto company. But you needn’t fret as you can reduce your moving costs and make the entire plan smooth. Here’s how you can plan the move.

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1 Year before the Move

Do you find this strange enough as you think this is too early a time to think about your move? You’re wrong! This is the time when you should begin to save money for your move. Don’t forget about the fact that you’ve got to pay for the security deposits once you reach your new home or apartment. You might need to pay rent for two apartments for few weeks, depending on the move schedule. Save from unnecessary stress by saving little bit of money from your paycheck.

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2 Months before the Move

  • Purge into the details: Take a close look at all your belongings and sort them according to what you want to keep and what you want to donate or sell off. If there are items which you haven’t used for the last year or more than that, you should get rid of it. Donate things which you don’t want to sell.
  • Assemble the records: Gather all the vital and necessary documents like the school records of your children and the medical history of them. Put such documents in a safe place. Call the school of the children and notify the office whether you will be moving.
  • Take inventory of belongings: Make a detailed list of all the belongings for planning and insurance purposes. This will let you estimate few moving costs and the supply amounts which you need.

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via Tillman Long Interiors

6 Weeks before the Move

  • Ask about pro movers: You should start planning your move, whether by yourself or through a moving company. In case you’re hiring someone for assistance, make sure you get several quotes from at least 3 different companies.
  • Start packing & gain supplies: When you’re buying packing supplies, you will get 25% more than what you need. You will save yourself from the problem of multiple trips to the stores. Make sure you label the boxes so as to understand properly.

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1 Week before the Move

  • Schedule walk-throughs: Just 1 week before your move, you should start making appointments with your present and new landlord so that you can go for a walk-through of the apartment and document everything.
  • Clean off: If you don’t clean your present apartment, you may not get back a portion of the security deposit in case you want to. Sweep hardwood floors, vacuum the carpets and dust through each surface.

The night before the move should be spent in packing off the essentials, defrosting the freezer and refrigerator and getting a sound sleep because the next day is going to be a big day!

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