The Futuristic Home: Automation


Technology seems to take a new leap with each year that passes. It’s human nature after all — we are programmed to overcome life’s challenges through innovation and dogged dedication in the same manner that we have done for centuries. This past decade, however, we’ve taken technology to a whole new level as we’ve begun to dabble in wireless technology.

home automation

The greatest invention since the wheel has always been the internet. It has allowed us to access information whenever we needed it and it has been the basis for the tech industry’s obsession with wireless technology. Now it has begun to dabble in home automation technology. What is this, and how can such technology improve our homes?

Automation refers to the ability to control and program devices that are connected to a local network. These devices can include smart speakers, wireless security cameras, smart lights, smart TVs, and even large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. Some electronic door lock systems can even be controlled via a network.

home automation

You see, home decorating will always be the same in terms of popularity. Trends are as fickle as the weather in a Southeast Asian country. They are constantly changing and they are usually easy to follow. Technology, however, especially home automation, will revolutionize how we move inside our homes forever.

You can literally be in the living room watching TV as the washing machine automatically washes, rinses, and dries your clothes. You can keep your hands free as you cook, only ever pausing to ask your smart speaker to dictate to you a certain recipe. You can even ask questions and receive instant results from the internet without having to access your mobile device.

home automation

Imagine ending your day with a “Hey Google, good night.” and in that instant, your lights dim, all your applications shut off, your doors lock, and your security systems come to life.

Now we shouldn’t misconstrue this as an attempt to encourage a culture of laziness. This technology is especially beneficial to those who lack mobility. People who have suffered debilitating injuries will still be able to operate the things in their house with ease, while those who are able-bodied are able to reduce the time they spend on seemingly inconsequential tasks in order for them to able to devote their time and energy toward more productive ventures.

As I said earlier, we as humans are naturally programmed to solve problems with innovation and dogged dedication. While home automation technology still has a long way to go, it can’t be denied that this technology will soon become the norm.

We’ve only struck the tip of this technological iceberg and we can only continue to discover and develop further.

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