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With two little ones and me working part-time, the last thing we have in the budget is a gym membership.  That being said, nothing helps me unwind from hours of frenzy, albeit joyful,  that my little ones provide like my favorite yoga routine.  We have a serious shortage of room in our house, so a home gym isn’t in the cards anytime soon, but hopefully we will be able to upgrade in the next year or so and I’d love to dedicate either part of a room or a whole room to a home gym.  Below is some inspiration I’ve found of amazing home gyms, some more attainable than others…

home gym

via Domino

This is a home gym we could probably all attain with a little clever rearranging in our home.  I love the whiteboard in plain view.  This would really help me keep on track.

home gym

Don’t really use your garage?  I have a lot of friends who could put what they store in the garage in the basement or backyard shed.  There are lots of ideas online for how to transform your garage into a home gym.  What I like about it is you can open the door on nice days to let in some natural light and fresh air.

home gym

via The EveryGirl

The above home gym is more attainable than you’d think.  It belongs to former editor-in-chief of Domino  Michelle Adams, and was originally an unfinished basement!

home gym

Okay, so maybe I could afford a personal trainer – calling Ultimate Performance!, before I could ever set up a home gym like this, but wow isn’t it gorgeous? I grew up a synchronized swimmer and would love to be able to swim every day.

home gym

Back down to earth!  Here’s a gorgeous yoga room that could probably be created over the weekend if you are handy or can hire a handyman.

home gym

Here’s another great example of a garage turned home gym.  The mirrors help bring the light in, and the wood paneled accent wall warms it up.

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