DIY Tricks to Protect Your Home from Burglary


Keeping your home secure from any kind of unwanted visitor is a priority for any responsible homeowner. The absolute best safety seems to come at a high price, however, as home security systems tend to break the bank. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. There are some easy DIY tips and tricks to keep your home on lock-down while you’re away that won’t require taking out a second mortgage to afford.


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Smart-Home Platforms

In between “DIY” and a standard home security system are smart home security systems. While the mechanical aspect of the system is provided by a company, the homeowner is who monitors the cameras. By providing a homeowner with around 3-4 sensors and cameras placed in entry ways or by windows, you can monitor activity through the use of a smart device, such as your phone. Monthly fees for this service typically range between $20-$40 a month. Although these aren’t the least expensive option, they’re cheaper than a standard home security system.

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Sensors and Cameras

Now before you go off signing a pricey contract with a home security company, there is a way to install your very own security system that is even less costly than a Smart-Home platform. Home security is really just as simple as monitoring activity and alarms.

You can install sensors at entry ways such as doors and windows that, when tripped unintentionally, send an alert to your phone or tablet. You can even use cellular security cameras to watch your driveway in places that are too far away from your WiFi signal. They can easily be deactivated when you or somebody else you trust is at home so that you don’t accidentally trigger any kind of alarm. Connecting the sensors to alarms, with the addition of camera surveillance, ensures that any would-be crook is scared off before any damage could be done.



Perhaps the most important piece of this “home-security jigsaw” are the kind of locks that are on your doors and windows. The first step to preventing burglary or vandalization is ensuring that entry is incredibly difficult for intruders. Choosing a good, sturdy lock that is hard to pick and makes a forced entry extraordinarily hard will prevent break-ins before they even happen.

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There are locksmiths that provide locks that will fit aesthetically within your residence. An example of such is Positive Security service Commercial properties as well as homes can benefit from the array of new locking systems that professional locksmiths can provide. The locks that secure your home are the cornerstone of home security, and cutting no corners when it comes to this aspect will guarantee protection from any kind of typical burglary.


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Other than these options, there are other small ways that you can add on to the total amount of security and surveillance surrounding your home when you’re away. Contact a nearby friend, relative, or neighbor to check on your house periodically to make sure that there is no nefarious activity or anybody scouting out your property from a distance. These methods will provide you with the utmost security and ease of mind.

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