How to Make the Most of Matt Tiles


When choosing tiles for your home, people too often think of plain white, glossy varieties, but matt tiles are a just as good – if not better – alternative to keep your home attractive and practical. As most matt tiles are fashioned from natural stone, they manage to be authentically natural but still sleek and sophisticated. Most commonly identified by the lack of glossy shine, matt tiles are the less typical way to create a natural warm, homely, rustic atmosphere.

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Complementary Décor

The natural look means matt tiles are well complemented by mosaic tiles or other natural stone borders that can add luxury and a personalised touch. Alternatively, paring them with glossy tiles can create a contemporary and classic combination that again makes a room more personalised, and utilises the gloss shine that can help a room look larger. Matt tiles do not have this effect, so are best used in large rooms with plenty of natural light; that being said, they don’t make a room look smaller either, so this shouldn’t be a deterrent. Instead, the suggested combination of tiles is ideal. Matt can come in cement, stone, wood, slate or a plain coloured effect, meaning there is plenty to work with regardless of your room’s existing theme. Slate floor tiles are particularly on trend right now and are great for getting that rustic looking home.

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Practical Benefits

As matt tiles are much less slippery than glossy alternatives, they are suitable for families, or in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens were spillages occur. This is also useful as they are excellent at hiding dirt, so any food spillages won’t be noticeable to guests at your dinner party before you have time to clean. The low maintenance makes these tiles long lasting in not only homes but businesses too, helping keep home improvement costs down in the long term.

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Wall vs Floor Tiles

Given the reduced slip risk and easy cleaning, matt floor tiles are ideal for busy homes with lots of footfall, or with children that may slip easily or make a mess. They are also useful as floor tiles in wet rooms for the same reasons, making you feel at ease when leaving your shower. In terms of wall tiles, slip is also a risk, for example if you try to steady yourself on a wall in the bathroom. Wall matt tiles are most commonly a style feature however, and should help make any home appear natural and sophisticated.

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