5 Floor Lamps That’ll Change Your Office Space


Lighting is an extremely important aspect of setting the mood and influencing emotions. Studies have repeatedly shown that workers are more productive in well-lit areas, and that even the angle of the lighting can have an effect on the perception of a room upon entering.

Of course, an office space isn’t just any room – it’s your designated place of business, and is therefore a visual representation of who you are as a professional. As such, a disorganised or poorly lit office space cannot only be detrimental to productivity, it might also negatively affect the way customers and co-workers view your working habits and proficiency. With that said, here are 5 types of floor lamps that can drastically improve your office lighting situation:

floor lamps
1. Club Lamp

A club lamp provides a classy and elegant stand with a conventional lamp shade dimming the light to more tolerable levels. Thus, it’s perfect to have as a desk side lighting component, or to set in a corner to provide moderate lighting throughout the room. This is one of the most popular kind of floor lamps found in office spaces worldwide, and is a particularly popular option throughout Europe. The difference between a club lamp and a conventional floor lamp is often hard to tell, and so checking out some examples of standard lamps to compare can be useful.

floor lamp
2. Torchiere

A torchiere is similar to a club lamp with the exception that the top is open, and the bottom is shaded. This produces the effect of shooting the light towards the ceiling, where it is reflected around the room. Thus, this type of floor lamp is ideal for offices with standard ceiling heights. The style also makes it ideal for home offices, consultation businesses, physical therapy services, and other relaxed settings.

floor lamp

3. Adjustable

As the self-explanatory name implies, this type of floor lamp can be adjusted to various heights to accommodate fluctuating lighting needs in the office. This kind of floor lamp is great for workers who have transitioned into using a combination of sitting and standing desks, and is therefore a perfect companion to an adjustable desk. They’re also excellent for writers, inventors, technicians, assembly specialist, and anyone else who needs full control over close-up, precision lighting.

floor lamp
4. Multi-Bulb

Some floor lamps contain multiple bulbs for a stronger lighting effect, which makes them ideal for larger office spaces. However, in many smaller spaces these lamps can be a waste of electricity and/or excessively bright. On the other hand, you have the option of loosening some of the bulbs to dim the light as preferred, so they’re good to have around when you need flexible lighting options.

floor lamp
5. Tower Style

Tower style lamps are good for providing ambient lighting, with bulbs concealed in an assembly behind a vertical lamp shade that runs the length of the stand. Since these lamps usually aren’t extremely bright, they’re good options to have in creative spaces such as a music or art studio. They’re also good for boosting light in a particularly dark area of the office.

floor lamps

Considering Bulb Style and Other Features

Another aspect to consider would be the type of bulbs that the lamp uses. Many professionals insist on using LED lamps because they’re both energy efficient and more common in office environments. Although incandescent lighting will work to illuminate the space, some studies have shown that blue lighting increases worker productivity. Thus, it may be worthwhile to use special LED bulbs that emit a higher range of blue spectrum lighting. Likewise, depending on the type of mood you’re trying to set in the office, you may want to consider multi-coloured bulbs or coloured lamp shades to radically change the appearance of the office space altogether.

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