3 P’s for constructing a Dream Home


Hmm! As we all know, everyone has a desire of owning their homes. When a person possess his/ her own house, it is like a dream come true for them. I too have many dreams for my home. A year back, after a long time planning, me and my husband decided to build our own custom home, as we were not able to find any home build by contractors up to the mark and our choices and need. Before getting into construction, we made up a draft and checklists that we need and we wished for our home. It took almost a month to ponder upon the things that we should always keep in mind while construction. Here, I am going to share some tips and tricks for the ones who are thinking and planning for their own homes construction.

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  1. Planning

Before you start building your home, you should make a proper plans of budget (you have kept for your home construction) and other expenses. You must know that what you are going to do is affordable or not? Once you’ve determined you can afford to build the house you want, purchase your house plan and head to the bank to arrange for financing. Keep in mind that home construction lending is a little different than regular mortgage financing. First you’ll need a home construction line of credit that will be used to pay subcontractors and suppliers who perform work and provide supplies. Once your house is constructed, you will need a residential mortgage to pay off the construction line.
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  1. Prevention

It is a long task and requires a lot of care. Once you have get into the construction phase, you have to be vigilant enough to keep all the things accurate. As, while construction, some little happen can occur, so you should have a backup plan for them. For example, while construction, use of heavy machinery can cause damage to floors. So, use of road mats would prevent the ground inside/outside from being destroyed by heavy construction equipment that would be brought during construction.
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  1. Process

When you are done with the proper planning and have also taken the prevention measures, it’s a time to get into the process of construction. Finalize all the stuff and materials and do all the procedure of selecting the best furniture and set up and choose the lightings for the home. You can make a punch list at the end of construction that shows what needs to still be done or what needs to be repaired on the new construction. You and your partner will create this list the week before closing when you go through your final walk through. You should be taking notes every time you visit your construction site or do a walk through. The final punch list will help you to manage the final process with ease and comfort.

The above mentioned 3 P’s will help you people in the construction of your dream home, where, you have millions of dreams to spend a happy, cheerful, lavish and blissful life.

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