Filling in Spaces

When decorating a home, sometimes there’s a wall that just stumps you. It’s either an awkward size, a really large wall, a corner, or just a space you’d like to give a little more character. Either way, there are a few tricks I use to fill up a space that needs some love:
Create unique abstract wall art with Sharpie + wood.:
You can never go wrong with a large wall print, a plant, and a console. Extra storage and something pretty to look at it are my first attempt at filling an empty wall.
How You Can Decorate The Empty Corners In Your Home - 15 Cool Ideas:
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Corner’s can be more difficult! A collage of pictures is a great idea, a ladder with blankets, a corner table with a plant, or maybe even a beautiful basket could be a great solution to a corner problem.
For an entry way, I love a bench seat where you can sit down and take off your shoes, and there are some great ways to fill up a wall with DIY wall art that won’t break the bank!
I love the look of shelving as a wall filler on your way or in a kitchen. Using things you already have around the house and fresh flowers is a great filler.
14 Blank Wall Ideas You Haven't Thought Of (PHOTOS):
A large mirror is a wonderful way to fill an empty wall. It also helps with smaller rooms, bounce natural light around, and make the room feel larger.
How would you fill your empty space? Leave a comment below!
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