Keeping Small Spaces Beautiful

You would think that having a small flat or studio would mean minimalistic decoration and the end to all clutter forever. But like most people, you probably find yourself holding onto stuff which you can’t justify discarding. I believe that if you have space, you’ll fill it, so one has to be careful to remember to purge, purge, purge, or you will run out of space, no matter how much you have.
This is easier said than done however, especially if your sweetums or the kiddies hate to throw things away or donate them.  Here are a few rules I follow to try to keep clutter at bay. Here are a few rules from Glimmr Cardiff that I follow to try to keep clutter at bay.
Be brutal
Home decoration is one of those areas where you have to be ruthless no matter how big or small the job.
The fact is that you are going to be living in the space you are decorating so you have to be absolutely sure that what you are bringing into your home is what you want AND has either a function or very sentimental value.

Keep it to a minimum or keep it hidden in plain sight.

Baskets and bins are my mantra if you have a lot of small toys or tools that need to be kept accessible. Open shelves are great for accessibility but they can start looking messy very fast.  An easy way to remedy that is matching baskets or totes.


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Use color decisively

In a small space, every color and item has more impact than it does in a more spacious abode.  It is a myth that dark colors make a small space seem smaller. What makes a space seems smaller is high contrast, because of it’s play with perspective. Your can use that idea to your advantage though if you want to create depth in a room. Painting three walls a light color and saving the last one for something rich deepens the sense of space.
Nowadays, space is at a premium especially in large cities. They say that less is more and there is no reason why this can’t also be true for making a small flat or studio a delight to live in.
Large pieces of art make a space seem larger than it is and mirrors work wonders for giving the illusion of increased space.
Keep it slick
There is nothing wrong with clutter if you like the crammed-and-cosy look.
However, if you want to create space, turf out the unwanted odds and ends immediately. I always feel amazing after dropping off boxes at good will!
To keep it simple work on one set of items at a time to stop you from feeling overwhelmed. After all, de-cluttering is not just a physical task but emotional too. It is tough discarding objects which and quieting that voice that always says “but I may use it one day…”.
Once you are de-cluttered, some cleaning tips will help you along. Clean as you go each day so that you can not only relax in comfort in your space but you don’t have a huge job at the end of the week.  Even cleaning a studio flat can take days if left too long.
With less clutter, 15 minutes of daily cleaning will be a breeze.
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