Urban Chest Giveaway

A big thank you to Urban Chest for offering up an amazing giveaway today for this lovely cake stand! 
Cupcake stand
There are a few things I l love about Urban Chest, one being that they are great with customer service and quality! Secondly that they have buying guides. If you need a little help figuring out what to fill an empty space with or how to use your favorite purchases to enhance your room, take a quick peek at some of the things they offer!
Not a cupcake person? That’s okay – we’ve found multiple ways for you to find the perfect use for it via pinterest:
Two-Tier Tray with Squirrel Stem  Wood, cupcake or cheese stand.
Use it for food at a party! Serve up some amazing snacks or appetizers for your friends to enjoy!
Use it as a jewelry stand! Lay out your most worn items for quick and easy access but also to show it off!
dreamy <3
Use it in your home decor for a lovely centerpiece! 
How are you going to use this cupcake stand if you win it?


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