Home office layout and inspiration


I am having a heck of a time arranging my home office in a manner that I’m comfortable. I believe I moved my desk 4 times now and I’ve only lived in our house since June. This morning I was in a rampage trying to find a photo or inspiration to use as a jumping off point for laying out my own home office. Here are some of spaces I found that I could see working in the room I use as my home office.

I tend to lean towards having a “floating” desk arrangement.  The only problem is that I either have to have my back to the door, which I don’t like, or my back to a window, which causes a bad glare on my monitor. I’d like to do an accent wall in my office as well.

This could work for me, but where you see the cork boards I have a window.  I also have windows where they have windows, but mine are closer to the ceiling and only about 3′ high.

What is your office layout?  Do you like a floating desk, or a desk facing a wall or window?


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