Have Fun with Lighting


I have a love/hate relationship with lighting. When it’s done right, I love it. When it’s done even a little bit wrong, I hate it. Let’s not even get into how much most of it costs. It’s easy to let lighting be an after thought when we’re mostly so focused on furnishings and room layout. A lot of the time I have trouble even considering lighting until most of my room is put together. The good news is is that there is an endless selection of lighting styles out there to find a piece that not only matches your space, but can really take center stage and make a positive contribution to the room. You can make it a talking piece of your space or use it to add a little color!

If you are starting from scratch and need to locate all of your lighting fixtures, there are tons or retailers online and with showrooms to find what you need. One example is homebase lighting. Homebase is a leading home enhancement retailer selling amazing finds for your home and garden. I particularly love their Habitat Lighting section!

I’m a sucker for lighting in unexpected places – like this chandelier over the island.

Between the options of ceiling fixtures, floor lamps, decorative lamps, pendants, and outdoor lighting the options can make the task of choosing daunting.  That’s why I allow my room to make the decision for me.  Of course, if you find a lamp or fixture you absolutely love,  the room will follow.

Of course, your lighting doesn’t need to scream either, a chic little piece can do it’s job well in the background.

There are a few things to consider when selecting your lighting, like how much natural light is in the room, how much light you’ll need at night, and where you will need direct lighting and ambient lighting. If you already have enough light in the room adding a fixture or lamp for decorative features can be a little more flexible.

You can really go dramatic in the dining room because you don’t have to worry about people hitting their heads!

Don’t forget to be a little creative! You can get get a hollow glass lamp and fill it with something fun or meaningful. This gives you complete control of the final look and style for your space. Just because you need a little light in a room doesn’t mean it has to be purely utilitarian – make it something worth looking at too!

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